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Kissing the Mirror

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Kissing the Mirror

(2007 - 2016) Kissing the Mirror was a Japanese melodic death metal doujin band led by Wooming (ウーミン), based in Japan. Started in 2007, their style was influenced by Children of Bodom and they perform mostly arranges of tracks from the Touhou video game series. Live band members include former member 藤見ありす (Arisu Fujimi) playing guitar, spetsnaz of GO-ZEN and Sawaken of Virginhate performing vocals, and マーキー (Maaki) (staff). Former member 池fuck (Ike fuck) recorded bass and played guitar on studio albums.

Artist Tags For Kissing the Mirror

1) Melodic Death Metal 2) Touhou 3) Power Metal 4) Metal 5) Progressive Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Kissing the Mirror

1) Thousand Knives 2) Deadly Silence 3) Shanghai Eliminater 4) The Scar of Disaster 5) Unhallowed God 6) The Guardian of Evil Palace 7) Barrage for Absolute Victory 8) Your Death Will Never Come 9) Enter the Bizarre Sanctuary 10) Chaos Collapse 11) Night at Enigmatic Garden 12) Funeral of the Dead 13) The force of Innocent Mage 14) Insanity of Crimson Eyes 15) Shanghai Eliminator 16) Insanity Concert 17) Black Inferno 18) Evil Queen 19) Disturbance High 20) To Live To Die 21) Ill Vision 22) To my anxiety 23) Final (S)Core 24) P.M.C 25) Level Insanity 26) Bury You Alive 27) Condemn You 28) The Horrible Guardian 29) The Visions of Third Eye shattered by Genocide 30) NAMELESS GRAVE 31) The Night of Eternity 32) Scythe for the Guilty Riversides 33) Fatal Scythe's Awakening 34) Ruin(Shrine of Crying) 35) Reverie Assault 36) Back From The Hell (Red-Light District) 37) S.T.B. 38) Scythe of Crisis 39) Symphony of Wind 40) Mighty Core 41) Tearless Cry 42) Battle Gate 43) Dreaming River 44) Continuation of Dream 45) Declare of Exception 46) Darkness Illusion 47) March In Insanity 48) The Eye 49) The Mad Dog Bites Our Fall of Hope 50) Power o' Nine

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Kissing the Mirror

1) Scythe for the Guilty Riversides 2) Blade Of Ancient Temple 3) Barrage Am Ring 0 4) Thousand Knives 5) Locus of the Eastern Dream.EX 6) Towards The Rising 7) Fatal Scythe's Awakening 8) SCREAMING DEAD HEAT 9) Vermilion Hades 10) Day of the Insane 11) Follow the Tracks of Crimson Hair 12) FALSE ADMINISTRATOR 13) S.T.B. ~Locus of the Eastern Dream Ⅰ~ 14) The Addictive Verses 15) UNDERMIND 16) LIGHT THROUGH THE NIGHT 17) Misty Lake In Wonderland 18) Dreaming River 19) Ill Vision ~Locus of the Eastern DreamⅡ~ 20) Embody My Brave 21) (null) 22) TO LIVE TO DIE 23) Everytime I Bang -ZERO- 24) WORDS LEFT UNTOLD 25) Everytime I Bang -X- 26) TOWARDS THE RISING -Bonus Disc- 27) ...Beyond the Grand River 28) S.T.B. ~Locus of the Eastern Dream I~ 29) 東方歌謡メタル 30) Barrage Am Ring 3 arrange/side 31) 恋のまほうは魔理沙におまかせ!2 Kissing the Mirror 体験盤 32) Barrage Am Ring 1 A/side 33) S.T.B. 〜Locus of the Eastern Dream Ⅰ〜 34) KILLING IS MY CODE 35) 東方幻夢奏 -The First Chapter- 36) Anthem to Those Who Defeat Despair 37) Kissing the Mirror 体験盤2008 冬 38) Barrage Am Ring 2 Arrange/Side 39) Ill Vision ~Locus of the Eastern Dream II~ 40) The Ends of the East 41) The Night of Eternity 42) G.O.D 43) Follow the Tracks of Crimson H 44) Ill Vision ~Locus of the Eastern Dream Ⅱ~ 45) Judgement Falls 46) MISTY LAKE IN WONDERLAND extr 47) Ill Vision ~Locus of the Eastern Dream II~ 48) Rockman Everytime I Bang ~ZERO~ 49) Labyrinth of Selene 50) S.T.B. ~Locus of the Eastern Dream ?~

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