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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Kittie

Kittie is a Canadian metal band. MORGAN LANDER (guitar, vocals) MERCEDES LANDER (drums) TARA McLEOD (guitar) TRISH DOAN (bass) "We wanted this to be a behemoth of an album, a real beast," says Kittie front woman Morgan Lander of In The Black, the fifth studio album of her band's decade-long career as metal's reigning femme fatales. The band delivered true on their promise, creating a 12-track behemoth of unapologetic metal splendor, forging bone-crushing music and penetrating vocals into a snarling beast of blunt force trauma.

Artist Tags For Kittie

1) Metal 2) Nu Metal 3) Female Vocalists 4) Metalcore 5) Female Fronted Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Kittie

1) Brackish 2) Charlotte 3) Spit 4) Into The Darkness 5) Suck 6) Raven 7) Run Like Hell 8) Do You Think I'm a Whore 9) What I Always Wanted 10) Choke 11) Paperdoll 12) In Winter 13) Immortal 14) Trippin' 15) Career Suicide 16) Loveless 17) Mouthful of Poison 18) Pain 19) Oracle 20) Cut Throat 21) Until The End 22) Safe 23) Get Off (You Can Eat a Dick) 24) Jonny 25) Severed 26) In Dreams 27) Red Flag 28) Wolves 29) No Name 30) Burning Bridges 31) My Plague 32) Daughters Down 33) Funeral For Yesterday 34) Die My Darling 35) Pink Lemonade 36) Kingdom Come 37) Breathe 38) Into the Darkness (Vocal Remix) 39) Looks So Pretty 40) Pussy Sugar 41) Sorrow I Know 42) Never Again 43) Now Or Never 44) Everything That Could Have Been 45) Sleepwalking 46) Will To Live 47) Falling Down 48) Slow Motion 49) Whiskey Love Song 50) Around Your Heart

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