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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Kuuro

KUURO (pronounced: cure-oh), real name Luke Shipstad, is an electronic music producer from Washington, US. The project started out as a duo together with Jordin Post (aka Juventa and Jordin Post), but Post left in April of 2020 to focus on his own music. The two have known each other since around 2011, but met around 2013, after discovering they share interests. Shipstad became fascinated by music, and at the age of ten he began composing and writing.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Kuuro

1) Can We Be Free 2) She's Got a Gun 3) Don't Stop 4) Afraid of the Dark 5) Bad Habits 6) Aamon 7) Waiting 8) Slap! 9) Close To Hell 10) Possession 11) Take Me Down 12) Collapse 13) Knockin' 14) Bandit 15) Crash & Burn 16) All Night 17) Doji 18) Savage 19) Omen 20) 1000 Cuts 21) What U Wanna Do 22) Swarm 23) Swarm VIP 24) Afraid of the Dark (feat. Sophiya) 25) Can't Say 26) Rapture 27) Trigger 28) Rapture (feat. MC Mota) 29) Fade to Black 30) D.E.A.L 31) Run Up 32) Better Now 33) Horns 34) Greed 35) Inferno 36) Slap! - CITYWLKR REMIX 37) BTFU 38) Break 39) Take Me Down (feat. Bianca) 40) Fallout 41) She's Got a Gun (feat. McCall) 42) Bad Habits (feat. Tylor Maurer) 43) Waiting (feat. Bianca) 44) What U Wanna Do (feat. Spencer Ludwig) 45) Don’t Stop 46) Can't Say (feat. Syon) 47) She’s Got A Gun (ft. McCall) 48) Horns (feat. Tylor Maurer) 49) Waiting (ft. Bianca) 50) Aamon (Original Mix)

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