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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For LaRiss

Larisa Borza, better known as Lariss (born in Iași, Romania on 31 December 1989), is an international pop-dance singer and songwriter. She was born in Iași, “the city of poetry” and later moved to Bucharest, “the city of everything”. Before her song "Dale papi", she had played different types of music, such as jazz, traditional music, soul, pop, reggae and r’n’b. She studied at the National Music University in Bucharest.

Artist Tags For LaRiss

1) Romanian 2) Pop 3) Electronic 4) Dance 5) Electronic Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For LaRiss

1) Dale Papi 2) Droppin da Bomb 3) Dale Papi (Asproiu Trap Remix) [GTM] 4) Epana 5) Dale Papi (Asproiu Trap Remix 2015) 6) Dale Papi (Asproiu Trap Remix) 7) You Can Lie 8) Lova Boay 9) Droppin' da Bomb 10) I Love You 11) Animal 12) Animal (feat. Carlito) 13) Dale Papi (Radio Edit) 14) Ladidadi 15) Dale Papi (Radio Edit) 16) Como Quieres Tu 17) Droppin da Bomb (Original Radio Edit) 18) Dale Papi (Official Video) 19) Droppin da Bomb (Extended Mix) 20) Dale Papi | 21) Dale Papi (Europa Plus Ua) 22) California Dreaming 23) Droppin da Bomb - Extended Mix 24) Bitch don't kill my vibe (FAB Session) 25) Droppin da Bomb (Architect Remix) 26) Droppin da Bomb | 27) Dale Papi (2015) 28) Dale Papi [Asproiu Trap Remix] [SM] 29) Droppin da Bomb - Sllash Remix 30) Dale Papi (Asproiu Trap 2015 Remix) 31) Dale Papi (feat. K7) 32) Droppin da Bomb (DJ Asher Extended Version) 33) Strengthen Your Mind (Cover on Dezarie) 34) Dale Papi (Trap Remix) 35) Dale Papi (Asproiu Trap Remix) [Realtones™] 36) Epana (Radio Edit) 37) Dale Papi (Extended Version) 38) Dale Papi (Instrumental) 39) Dale Papi [] 40) Dale Papi ( 41) ea7 42) Dale Papi ( 43) Dale Papi (Criswell Remix) 44) Dale Papi (Live la Radio ZU) 45) Dale Papi (Asproiu Trap Remix) GTM 46) Dale Pap. 47) Dale Papi (Asproiu Trap Remix) [AMP!BASS] 48) Droppin da Bomb | Official Video 49) Dale Pap 50) Droppin Da Bomb (Official Audio)

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