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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Laengthengurthe

Laengthengurthe is a band from Boise, Idaho that combines elements of grindcore, metal, and punk rock. Originally started in 2001 as a casual recording project, Laengthengurthe recorded and produced three early releases: "Pink and Black (like the inside of a dog's mouth)", "Rumpelforeskin", and "Lack of Additional Limbs". These early releases were distributed in a DIY fashion and were very limited in production. In 2011, 1332 Records released a 10 year cd entitled "An Uncomfortable Amount of Laengthengurthe.

Artist Tags For Laengthengurthe

1) Metal 2) Punk 3) Grindcore 4) Punk Rock 5) Idaho

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Laengthengurthe

1) Gobble Like A Pelican 2) Short Bus Slaughter Bus 3) Dude, You're Amazing 4) Special Olympics Pole Vaulter 5) I Raped My Way Out of a Prison Riot 6) Blood Bath and Beyond 7) The Zombie At the Party Was Me 8) You Have Diabetes 9) An Uncomfortable Amount of Zombies 10) My Neighbor's Tattoo Is Similar To The One On Your Vagina 11) WTFWJD? 12) Feel Like Rotten 13) Nature is Fucking Hardcore 14) Sorry, I Didn't Know I Was Having Butt Sex 15) Needle Dick 16) Your Mom Is In A Coma 17) Amputation Addiction 18) There's A Part of Me That Wants To Cut You 19) When the River Runs Red Take the Dirt Road 20) Size 13 Jelly Shoe 21) Butthole Barbarian 22) Feeding You Yourself 23) Vagina Whistle 24) Hillbilly Reacharound 25) Pearl Jam Status 26) Ballerina Battlearena 27) Face In Debris 28) No One Came To Your Yard Sale 29) Breaking The Anal Hymen (assgasm) 30) It Was As If His Ass Threw Up 31) That's Not Soon Enough 32) Bleached Body In A Toilet 33) Mexican Jumping Bean Enema 34) Ass Eaten By An Anaconda 35) Smeared Your Ass 36) Two Man Mosh Pit 37) I Will Fight You in the Men's Room 38) I Like Your Grandma Cuz' Shie's Crazy and Crippked 39) Nelson Twin Sandwich 40) You Sprained Your Cankle at Target 41) These Tits Look Like Danny Trejo's Face 42) Dryer Sheet Massacre 43) I Just Sat In A Creamsicle 44) Underplayed 45) Jesus Whipapple 46) Wicked Badassery 47) Mcprefeces 48) Can I Ride Your Daughter's Bike? 49) You Have A Poor Credit Rating 50) Soap Dropper

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