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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lazy

Lazy is a name of at least ten artists: [1] An Argentinian group responsible for "Floyd: A Chillout Experience" and "In The Name Of Love-A Chillout Experience" of Pink Floyd / U2 cover versions, with a mix of electronics, bossa and soft vocals. Sites: Discogs and MusicBrainz. [2] A Japanese pop-rock / hard rock band (aka レイジー), with Akira Takasaki (g), Munetaka Higuchi (d) (both later in Loudness) and Hironobu Kageyama (v). Sites: Discogs and Wikipedia.

Artist Tags For Lazy

1) Metal 2) Japanese 3) Hip-Hop 4) Rock 5) Hard Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lazy

1) Wish You Were Here 2) Brain Damage 3) Money 4) Mother 5) Time 6) Hey You 7) The Great Gig in the Sky 8) Learning to Fly 9) It's Over 10) All I Want Is You 11) Comfortably Numb 12) Shine on you crazy diamond 13) Pigs On the Wing 14) Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 15) In This Life 16) With or Without You 17) Love robbery 18) Way out 19) Sunday Bloody Sunday 20) Where the Streets Have No Name 21) Another Brick In The Wall-Part 2 22) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for 23) Deep Purple 24) Daylight 25) Beautiful Day 26) Miss Sarajevo 27) Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 28) Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa 29) Stay (Faraway, So Close) 30) Pride (In the Name of Love) 31) One 32) ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL 33) Shine On You Crazy Diamond-Part 1 34) Elevation 35) Confortably numb 36) Zone Of The Enders 37) DREAMER 38) Ultra High 39) Pray 40) Reckless 41) Koma white 42) DREAMY EXPRESS TRIP 43) Rock against rock 44) Another brick in the wall. part II 45) Another brick in the wall (Part 2) 46) Pigs On The Wing-Part 1 47) TIME GAP 48) Darkest Hour 49) You are the one 50) Under My Skin

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