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Leifur James

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Leifur James

Leifur James is a producer and multi-instrumentalist whose debut track, "Time," has wide-reaching musical influences that range from classical to soul, jazz, hip-hop, house, and ambient. Leifur performs every instrument, sings, and produces all of his music, creating a personal sound that plays with the boundaries of musical interpretation and genre. According to Leifur, "Time" is a "reflection on the expanse and movement of time—how through time, life meanders, climaxes, and diminishes."

Artist Tags For Leifur James

1) Electronica 2) Jazz 3) Soul 4) Experimental 5) All

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Leifur James

1) Mumma Don't Tell 2) Alpine 3) Time 4) Argonaut 5) RED SEA 6) SUNS OF GOLD 7) Wurlitzer 8) UNCLE BLUE 9) SALANINAM 10) Night and Day 11) Osho 12) Argonaut (Edit) 13) Mumma Don?t Tell 14) Time (STW Premiere) 15) MUMMA DON T TELL 16) Wurlitzer (Official Music Video) 17) Time (Original Mix) 18) A Louder Silence (Album Mix) 19) Time by Leifur James 20) Twin Flames 21) La Ecstase

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