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Leven Kali

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Leven Kali

Leven Kali is a singer/songwriter/producer from Santa Monica, California. Born in Holland, and raised in SoCal, his sound reflects the many different cultures and backgrounds that make up his personal identity. Funk, jazz, gospel, R&B, and Hip-Hop elements can be heard all throughout his music. At only 20 years old, Leven has acted as the bridge between multiple generations and genres of music to create a sound that is both nostalgic and forward thinking.

Artist Tags For Leven Kali

1) Rnb 2) Hip-Hop 3) Soul 4) Funk

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Leven Kali

1) Do U Wrong (feat. Syd) 2) Smile 3) Thursday 4) Nunwrong 5) Joy 6) Yours 7) 1 On 1 8) Mine 9) Too High (feat. Buddy & Na'kel Smith) 10) Sumwrong 11) Mad At U 12) Good Lovin' 13) For the Night 14) Cassandra 15) ardnassaC 16) Welcome 17) My Offer 18) My Pen 19) Do U Wrong 20) Joy | A COLORS SHOW 21) Bruce Lee 22) Too High (feat. Buddy & Na’kel Smith) 23) Do U Wrong ft. Syd 24) Do U Wrong ft. Syd 25) Cassandra (+ Droyd) 26) Toast (+ KTP) 27) Feeling 28) The One 29) C.W.Y.B (with Zack Sekoff + Jojo) 30) Too High 31) C.W.Y.B (feat. Zack Sekoff, JoJo) 32) Root Of Evil (+ Brandon Thomas) 33) IBOK 34) 23 Models 35) Rather Be Alone (with Casey Veggies) 36) OMW 37) The Wave (with Topaz Jones) 38) For the Night (feat. Niko G4) 39) Cassandra Droyd) 40) September (with Sydney Jay) 41) Do U Wrong (Ft. Syd) 42) C.W.Y.B. (feat. Zack Sekoff & JoJo) 43) Too High ft. Buddy, Na’kel Smith 44) Do You Wrong (Jun-ill & Cancrejo & Louby) 45) Do U Wrong (Tobias Dray edit) 46) Got U Wrong (Tobias Dray edit) 47) Do You Wrong feat. Syd 48) Rather Be Alone (feat. Casey Veggies) 49) Do U Wrong (Catch Edit) 50) Root Of Evil Brandon Thomas)

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