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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lluther

Lluther was originally formed in 2004 by Gerry Owens, who was looking for a new direction in music following the break-up of the highly acclaimed Skindive, a band fronted by Danielle Harrison in which Gerry was the main songwriter and guitarist. Skindive had been signed to music legend Chris Blackwell (U2, Tricky, Bob Marley etc)’s Palm Pictures record label, and their albums received excellent critical reviews with very credible sales in the US and around Europe.

Artist Tags For Lluther

1) Industrial Rock 2) Rock 3) Seen Live 4) Alternative Rock 5) Industrial

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lluther

1) People Is Ugly 2) Agents Of Empire 3) Venus Complex 4) For You 5) American Gods 6) Disconnect From Me 7) Father Of Lies 8) In Decline 9) Fixer 10) Show You Mean It 11) Stasis 12) Bone (With 'The Judas Hole') 13) In The Dollhouse 14) King Of Nothing 15) Femme Fatale 16) Rise Of The Reptile King 17) Bone 18) Enough 19) Waiting Song 20) Turning to Dust 21) The End Of The World 22) Until She Comes 23) From The Sea 24) She Is 25) Exit Wound 26) Bullet 27) Digging up the Box 28) Misplaced 29) Heroes 30) Femme Fatale [128] 31) Heroes (When The Night Slides in) 32) For You - Rattlesnake 33) People Is Ugly (DIE KRUPPS Remix) 34) For You (From The Sky) 35) For You (Rattlesnake) 36) In Decline (When Silence Becomes Art - Sets Of Distractions Mix) 37) Agents Of Empire LLUTHER 38) People Is Ugly - Agents Of Impire 39) People Is Ugly ( Album Version ) 40) People Is Ugly ( Die Krupps Remix ) 41) Bone - Feat. The Judas Hole 42) Disconnect From Me ( Album Version ) 43) Enough [128] 44) Femme Fatale Sampler 45) Agents of the Empire 46) American God 47) Rise Of The Reptile 48) For You* 49) American Gods (Mandelbrot Sets - Deconstruction Mix) 50) Rise Of The Reptile King Sampler

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