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Lollipop Lust Kill

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lollipop Lust Kill

Lollipop Lust Kill was formed in the mid 90's in Toledo, Ohio. Orignally called The Candy Killers, following the addition of Evvy Pedder on vocals the band changed their name to Lollipop Lust Kill. The name came from a book on murderers that guitarist Dead Greg owned, in it was mentioned a "lust killer". They tacked on Lollipop to both acknowledge their origins as well as make the name sound more ominous and less contrived. In 1996 they released their first demo

Artist Tags For Lollipop Lust Kill

1) Metal 2) Industrial 3) Nu Metal 4) Industrial Metal 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lollipop Lust Kill

1) Personal Jesus 2) Like a Disease 3) Knee Deep In the Dead 4) Everything I 5) Black All Over 6) Father 7) Bury You 8) Sad Excuse for a Grip 9) Kill Greedy 10) Murder, House of Love 11) Can't Get Away 12) The Open Door (Intro) 13) The Perfect Woman 14) Ted 15) Perfect Women 16) It's Cold Inside 17) Jesus Chrysler 18) No Answer (Outro) 19) Balls Out 20) Perfect Woman 21) Check In Time 22) Personal Jesus (Lollipop Lust Kill Version) 23) Killgreedy 24) Check Out Time 25) No 26) Check-In Time (Intro) 27) Intro 28) Can´t Get Away 29) Personal Jesus [Depeche Mode] 30) outro 31) Drip 32) Check-Out Time 33) Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode) 34) Open Your Eyes 35) Without a Word 36) Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover) 37) lollipop lust kill - killgreedy 38) Check-Out Time (Outro) 39) Eyes All Lies 40) Come Feel Me 41) No answer 42) Introduction 43) Cant Get Away 44) She Was Told 45) Ending 46) Blood In My Eyes 47) Father (Album Version) 48) Like A Disease (Acoustic) 49) Ted (demo) 50) Everything

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