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Long Beach Dub All Stars

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Long Beach Dub All Stars

The 1996 heroin overdose of Sublime frontman Brad Nowell left bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh of the third wave ska revival band without their lead man (and Lou Dog without his master, Brad). The two musicians formed the Long Beach Dub Allstars with Opie Ortiz (the artist who created most of Sublime's tattoos and several of their album covers)on vocals, guitarist RAS-1 and Miguel, saxophonists Todd Foreman and Tim Wu, Jack Maness and Isaiah Owens on keyboards, and finally DJ Marshall Goodman.

Artist Tags For Long Beach Dub All Stars

1) Reggae 2) Ska 3) Dub 4) Punk 5) Hip-Hop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Long Beach Dub All Stars

1) Sunny Hours 2) Rolled Up 3) My Own Life 4) Rosarito 5) Righteous Dub 6) Fugazi 7) Life Goes On 8) It Ain't Easy 9) Like A Dog 10) Trailer Ras 11) Sensi 12) Kick Down 13) Wonders Dub I 14) Soldiers 15) Luke 16) Listen to D.J.'s 17) Lonely End 18) Free Love 19) No Way 20) Pass It On 21) New Sun 22) Grass Cloud 23) Wonders Dub II 24) Saw Red 25) Talkin' The Truth 26) Kablammin' It 27) Lies 28) Every Mother's Dream 29) Listen to DJ's 30) Take Warning 31) Sunny Hours (reprise) 32) Astro dub 33) Sunny Hours Reprise 34) Every Mothers Dream 35) I Saw Red 36) It Aint Easy 37) Wonder Dub II 38) Weed is Life 39) Love Her Madly 40) The Harder They Come 41) Wonders Dub 1 42) Reggae on the Rocks 43) Sunny Hours ft. will i am 44) Sensi (feat. Tippa Irie) 45) Steady Customer 46) Holding Out 47) Fugazi/Minor Threa 48) Kick Down feat. Dangr 49) New Sun feat. HR 50) Legalize It

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