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Lost Factor

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lost Factor

A hip-hop group based out of Maryland in the D.C. Metropolitan area. Our group consists of two artists Da RisinSon and Blue Moon. In 2000 Lost Factor entered a songwriters contest and won 1st place in the hip-hop category for our song "Fork In The Road" featuring Recording Artist 4-BidN. This song was also chosen for a National Suicide Awareness CD sponsored by Westwire Recordings. They also have been selected to have their song "Reasons" placed on the World Wide Ballin' 2 CD, and it is sponsored by D.

Artist Tags For Lost Factor

1) Swing 2) DMV 3) Hip Hop/Rap 4) Need To Rate 5) Tay

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lost Factor

1) Fork In Da Road Feat. 4-BiDn 2) Get Up Feat. BobCat Clique 3) Reasons - Lost Factor 4) No Bammas 5) Y'all Ain't Ready 6) Eclipse 7) The Introduction 8) Work It Out (Oral Mix) 9) Outro (Time Is On Our Side) 10) Fork In Da Road 11) Nasty 12) I Don't Know Y 13) Sweet & Low 14) Outro- Time Is On Our Side 15) Who U Roll Wit...(C.A.S.A.N.O.V.A.) 16) Reasons 17) Work It Out 18) Tell Me Just How Y'all Feel 19) I Don't Know Y- 20) Be ‘bout it 21) Sweet & Low (Instrumental) 22) Be 'Bout It 23) Be Bout It 24) Sweet and Low 25) Who U Roll Wit-... (C.A.S.A.N.O.V.A.) 26) Choose 27) Instrumental 28) 01 Be Bout It 29) Sweet & Low Featuring Hakeem 30) Tell Me Just How Y'all Feel (A Cappella) 31) Tell Me Just How Y'all Feel (I 32) Sweet & Low 33) Tell Me Just How Y'all Feel (Instrumental) 34) A Cappella 35) Sweet & Low (Instrumental)

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