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Lou Phelps

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lou Phelps

Louis-Philippe Celestin (born August 30, 1994), better known by his stage name Lou Phelps, is a Canadian rapper and producer from Saint-Hubert, Quebec. He is a member of the Canadian Hip-hop duo The Celestics alongside his brother Kaytranada.

Artist Tags For Lou Phelps

1) Rap 2) Canada 3) Rnb

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lou Phelps

1) Come Inside (Kaytranada Edit) 2) Come Inside (feat. Jazz Cartier) 3) Average (feat. Kallitechnis) 4) What Time Is It? (feat. Innanet James) 5) Rent Is Due (feat. Key!) 6) Fun N Games 7) Miss Phatty 8) Squeeze (feat. JAHKOY) 9) Want To (For The Youth) 10) TASTY (feat. Pony) 11) Come Inside (feat. Jazz Cartier)(Prod. KAYTRANADA) 12) Higher 13) 2 Seater (feat. Planet Giza) 14) word. 15) August Rain 16) GO! 17) What Time Is It? (ft. Innanet James, Pr. By KAYTRANADA) 18) What Time Is It? (feat. Innanet James)(Prod. By KAYTRANADA) 19) Come Inside 20) Cinnamon Toast 21) What We Been Thru 22) Tell Me 23) I Got It 24) TASTY 25) Average (Featuring KALLITECHNIS) 26) LAST CALL (Featuring Bishop Nehru) 27) TELL ME (Produced By Tek.Lun) 28) My Forte (feat. CJ Flemings) 29) Average feat. KALLITECHNIS (Prod. By KAYTRANADA) 30) Tasty {ft. Pony} 31) What Time is It ft. Innanet James 32) Squeeze 33) My Forte (feat. CJ Flemings)(Prod. by KAYTRANADA) 34) My Forte (feat. CJ Flemings)[Prod. by KAYTRANADA] 35) What Time Is It? (feat. Innanet James)[Prod. By KAYTRANADA] 36) AVERAGE (FT. KALLITECHNIS) 37) Massively Massive part 2. 38) What Time Is It? (feat. Innanet James)[P 39) What Time Is It (feat. Innanet James) 40) Last Call (feat. Bishop Nehru) 41) Average feat. KALLITECHNIS 42) 2 Seater 43) Massively Massive Part 2 44) My Forte (feat. CJ Flemings)[Prod. by KA 45) What Time Is It? (ft. Innanet James, Pr.... 46) My Forte ft. CJ Flemings 47) Massively Massive Pt. 2 48) My Forte (Featuring CJ Flemings) 49) Hold Me Down 50) Rent Is Due (feat. Key!) Prod. by Kaytranada

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