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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Luizy

Cho Seungyoun (조승연; born 5 august, 1996 in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) also known as Luizy, South Korean artist from boygroup 유니크. His first single Recipe released in common with american-korean rapper FlowSik in 29 july, 2016.

Artist Tags For Luizy

1) Hip-Hop 2) Hip Hop 3) Rap 4) South Korea 5) South Korean

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Luizy

1) Baby Ride (feat.Hyun Sik Of BTOB) 2) How Have You Been 3) Baby Ride (Feat. 현식 Of BTOB) 4) 요즘 뭐 해 (How Have You Been) 5) RECIPE (Feat. Flowsik) 6) Recipe 7) Rehab 8) Baby Ride (feat. 현식) 9) Baby Ride (feat. Hyunsik Of BTOB) 10) Rehab (M.O.L.A) 11) 요즘 뭐 해 How Have You Been 12) Baby Ride 13) Dreamin Allday 14) Peaceful Life 15) 흔들어 (Body To Body) 16) Slave 17) Baby Ride (Feat. Hyun Sik of BTOB) 18) 가끔 Sometimes (Short Ver.) 19) Almost Is Never Enough 20) Baby Ride (Ft. Hyun Sik of BTOB) 21) Almost Is Never Enough (Cover) 22) Body To Body 23) JAPANESE DENIM COVER 24) 요즘 뭐 해 25) Cold Water 26) 가끔 Sometimes (Cover) 27) RECIPE (ft. Flowsik) 28) RECIPE (feat. 플로우식) 29) Slave (big sean - blessings instrumental) 30) 흔들어 31) Despacito (Cover) 32) RECIPE (feat. Flowsick) 33) Dreamin All Day 34) Almost Is Never Enough Cover 35) Best Part 36) Best Part (Daniel Caesar cover) 37) Japanese Denim (Cover) 38) Rehab de M.O.L.A 39) Baby Ride (Feat. Hyun Sik(현식) Of BTOB) 40) Rehab (ft.M.O.L.A) 41) RECIPE ft. Flowsik (플로우식) 42) Trick Or Treat (Feat. Nathan & Jamie) 43) My Way (Feat. Jamie & Nathan) 44) Sometimes (Cover) 45) My Way (마이웨이) 46) Wild (Cover) 47) Recipe (with Flowsik) 48) BEST PART COVER 49) 가끔 50) RECIPE Ft. 플로우식 (Flowsik)

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