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Lynsey de Paul

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lynsey de Paul

Lynsey de Paul (born Lynsey Monckton Rubin, on 11 June 1950 in London, UK – died 1 October 2014) is an English singer-songwriter. Renowned for her keyboard skills, ability to write catchy songs and sultry looks, de Paul first hit the UK charts in 1972, initially as the writer of the Fortunes hit, "Storm in a Teacup". A few months later she was propelled into the limelight as the performer of her very own song hit song "Sugar Me", which rapidly found

Artist Tags For Lynsey de Paul

1) Pop 2) 70s 3) Female Vocalists 4) Oldies 5) Singer-Songwriter

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lynsey de Paul

1) Sugar Me 2) Won't Somebody Dance With Me 3) Ooh I Do 4) Getting A Drag 5) Storm In A Teacup 6) Nothing Really Lasts Forever 7) No Honestly 8) Because 9) All Night 10) So Good To You 11) Just Visiting 12) Water 13) Sleeping Blue Nights 14) Rock Bottom 15) My Man And Me 16) The Way It Goes 17) Brandy 18) Doctor Doctor 19) Sugar Me (Rerecordings) 20) Ivory Tower 21) Crossword Puzzle 22) Blind Leading The Blind 23) Mama Do 24) Love Bomb 25) Rockadile 26) Rockerdile 27) Won't Somebody Dance With Me (Rerecordings) 28) If I Don't Get You The Next One Will 29) Rhythm And Blue Jean Baby 30) Dancing on a Saturday Night 31) Season to season 32) Sugar Shuffle 33) Hug And Squeeze 34) Sugar Me (new mix) 35) Rainbow 36) Suger Me 37) Taste Me 38) If Only 39) Sugar Me (1972) 40) Mama Doc 41) Let's Boogie 42) Moonrise 43) Storm In A Teacup (Rerecordings) 44) When I'm Alone With You 45) Central Park Arrest 46) Words Don't Mean a Thing 47) Dreams 48) Nursery Rhyme 49) Lying Again 50) Hungry for Love

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