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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For M'Black

M'black A.K.A Matt Schwartz is a record producer a songwriter and a prolific audio engineer based in the UK. Matt was born in Israel and came to the UK in 1994 driven by passion for music, art and technology. He went on to top dance charts all over the world, his music and songs appearing on numerous TV programs and films (Including blockbusters such as Day of the jackal and The matrix, Sky sports news, Fashion TV and most of the UK music TV channels)

Artist Tags For M'Black

1) Dubstep 2) Downtempo 3) Electronica 4) Electronic 5) Destined Records

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For M'Black

1) Heartbreak (Bare Noize Remix) 2) Heartbreak (M'black Extended Mix) 3) Heartbreak (M'black Radio Edit) 4) Heartbreak (Radio Edit) 5) Heartbreak (Bare Noize Vocal Mix) 6) Heartbreak 7) Heartbreak - Bare Noize Vocal Mix 8) Crush (BAR9 Remix) 9) Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix) 10) Heartbreak (Inner Smile Mix) 11) Crush (Radio Edit) 12) Heartbreak (Dexcell Remix) 13) Heartbreak - Dexcell Remix 14) Crush (Radio Dance Edit) 15) Crush (Bar9 Mix) 16) Heartbreak - Extended Mix 17) Heartbreak (Bare Noize Remix) [Acro Erfomance Top 10 Dub Step (01.06.2010)] 18) Heartbreak - Diamond Cut Remix 19) Heartbreak (Original Radio Edit) 20) Heartbreak - Radio Edit 21) Crush (Dada Club Mix) 22) Looking for a Danger (Almadrava remix) 23) Heartbreak (Extended Mix) 24) Crush (Bar9 Vocal Remix) 25) Heartbreak (Felix Baumgartner Mix) 26) Good Girl - Club Dub 27) Crush (Extended) 28) Day Dream - Original Mix 29) Crush 30) Heartbreak (EyeGate Mix) 31) Looking For A Danger 32) Crush (Extended Mix) 33) Heartbreak (Original Extended Mix) 34) Night Runner - Original Mix 35) Heartbreak (Bare Noize Vocal Edit) 36) Crush (Dada Remix) 37) Heartbreak (Bare Noize Remix) [Dubstep] 38) Crush - Alistair Albrecht, Bellatrax Vocal Remix 39) Night Runner - Club Mix 40) Heartbreak - Original Radio Edit 41) Heartbreak (Ron May Mix) 42) Crush (Alistair Albrecht & Bellatrax Club Mix) 43) Heartbreak (Bare Noize Dubstep Remix) 44) Heartbreak - Ron May Remix 45) Heartbreak (Bare Noize Remix)(dubstep) 46) Heartbreak (The Drill Remix) 47) Day Dream 48) Heartbreak - M'black Radio Edit 49) M'Black - Heartbreak (Bare Noi 50) Heartbreak (The Drill Mix)

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