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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For MABUTA

MABUTA is part of the new wave of jazz coming out of Joburg, South Africa. The scene is thriving, with a movement of young innovators pushing the boundaries of the sound of South African Jazz. The band features: Shane Cooper (basses), Bokani Dyer (keys), Sisonke Xonti (tenor sax), Robin Fassie-Kock (trumpet), Marlon Witbooi (drums), Reza Khota (guitar).

Artist Tags For MABUTA

1) Nu Jazz 2) Electronic 3) Jazz 4) South Africa

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For MABUTA

1) Bamako Love Song (featuring Shabaka Hutchings) 2) Bamako Love Song 3) As We Drift Away 4) Welcome to This World 5) BENEATH THE WAVES 6) Log Out Shut Down (feat. Buddy Wells) 7) Log Out Shut Down (Gourmet Remix) 8) The Tunnel 9) Fences (featuring Shabaka Hutchings) 10) Log Out Shut Down (featuring Buddy Wells) 11) Log Out Shut Down (Slugabed Remix) 12) Tafattala (featuring Reza Khota) 13) Log Out Shut Down - Gourmet Remix 14) Log out Shut Down 15) The Tunnel (rkls Remix) 16) Beneath The Waves (Mac Motel Remix) 17) Welcome To This World (Card On Spokes Remix) 18) Fences (Daedelus Remix) 19) Fences (feat. Shabaka Hutchings) 20) Bamako Love Song - Jazzuelle Spectral Ensemble Remix 21) Bamako Love Song (Jazzuelle Spectral Ensemble Remix) 22) Log Out Shut Down - Slugabed Remix 23) Bamako Love Song (feat. Shabaka Hutchings) 24) Welcome To This World - Card On Spokes Remix 25) Fences - Daedelus Remix 26) Beneath The Waves - Mac Motel Remix 27) The Tunnel - rkls Remix 28) Fences 29) Tafattala 30) Tafattala (feat. Reza Khota) 31) Period 32) Log Out Shut Down (feat. Buddy Wells & Tlale Makhene) 33) Bamako Love Song (feat. Shabaka Hutchings & Tlale Makhene) 34) prehistoric 35) Bamako Love Song - solo double bass version [live in the forest] (bonus track) 36) back ground music 37) Log Out Shut Down (featuring Buddy Wells 38) アンバランス 39) Bless My Soul 40) DOPE 41) 夢のなか 42) 赤色灯 43) Tafattala (feat. Reza Khota & Tlale Makhene) 44) Tears of Soul 45) Log Out Shut Down (Ft. Buddy Wells) 46) Bamako Love 47) Bamako Love Song featuring Shabaka Hutchings 48) Fences featuring Shabaka Hutchings 49) Log Out Shut Down featuring Buddy Wells 50) Tafattala featuring Reza Khota

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