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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Magic!

MAGIC! is a Canadian reggae fusion band, composed of well-known songwriter and record producer Nasri Atweh on lead vocals and Mark Pellizzer, Alex Tanas and Ben Spivak. In 2013, they released their debut single, "Rude" that reached number one in the United States, number two in Australia and New Zealand and number six in Canada. MAGIC! is featured on Shakira's self-titled album on the track entitled "Cut Me Deep", released in March 2014. Other recordings on their upcoming debut album include "No Way No"

Artist Tags For Magic!

1) Reggae 2) Pop 3) Canadian 4) Soul 5) Rock

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Magic!

1) Rude 2) Rude (Acoustic) 3) No Way No 4) Let Your Hair Down 5) Rude - Zedd Remix 6) Don't Kill the Magic 7) Lay You Down Easy 8) Red Dress 9) No Evil 10) One Woman One Man 11) Stupid Me 12) Mama Didn't Raise No Fool 13) Paradise 14) How Do You Want to Be Remembered 15) Little Girl Big World 16) #SundayFunday 17) Rude (Zedd Remix) 18) No Regrets 19) Darts In The Dark 20) Kiss Me 21) This Is Our Time (Agora é a nossa hora) 22) Expectations 23) Motions 24) More Of You 25) Red Dress - FTampa Remix 26) Darts In The Dark - FTampa Remix 27) Rude - Zedd Extended Remix 28) Rude - Acoustic Session - Miami 29) Lay You Down Easy (feat. Sean Paul) 30) Have It All 31) Dance Monkey 32) Gloria 33) No Way No - Native Wayne Jobson and Barry O'Hare Remix 34) No Sleep 35) No Way No - Acoustic Session - Miami 36) Primary Colours 37) I Need You 38) Let Your Hair Down - Acoustic Session - Miami 39) The Way God Made Me 40) No Evil - Acoustic Session - Miami 41) Core 42) Rude (Zedd Extended Remix) 43) Appreciate You 44) A Little Bit Of Love 45) When The Trust Is Gone 46) How You Remember Me 47) Things You Say 48) Space (Interlude) 49) Eyes Don't Tell Lies (Interlude) 50) Rude - Acoustic Session: Miami

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