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Magic Box

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Magic Box

Born in Latin (Rome), Tristano De Bonis, or Trix, began at 18 years as a DJ for parties and discos. He mixed his voice with various instruments such as guitar, bass and drums. Her frequent trips to England, Holland and Germany brought him new contacts in the music world. From there, Trix specializes in dance music genre that he felt it was "new". In August 2004, Magic Box, along with his sister Erika and DJ Ross, made a show at Planet Pop Festival, held by the Brazilian label Records Building at Via Funchal, São Paulo.

Artist Tags For Magic Box

1) Dance 2) Eurodance 3) Electronic 4) Pop 5) Italian

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Magic Box

1) If You 2) Sorry Marin 3) Carillon 4) If You... - Radio Mix 5) This Is Better 6) If You... 7) Carillon - Radio Mix 8) Carillon (Rocco remix) 9) 4 Your Love 10) Carillon (radio mix) 11) If You... - Disco Mix 12) Carillon (Gigi D'Agostino remix) 13) If You(Disco Mix) 14) Carillon (original radio mix) 15) Carillon - Original Mix 16) Carillon (Gigi D'Agostino Rmx) 17) If You (Disco Mix) 18) Carillon (original mix) 19) 4 Your Love - Radio Mix 20) Sorry Marin Radio Edit 21) Carillon (club mix) 22) Scream My Name 23) Scream My Name (Radio Edit) 24) If You... (Radio Mix) 25) Scream My Name - Radio Edit 26) If You... - Original Mix 27) Sorry Marin (Radio Edit) 28) Carrillon 29) Carillon - Club Mix 30) If You - Radio Mix 31) If you... (Disco mix) 32) If You (lento mix) 33) What a Feeling 34) Carillon - Gigi D'Agostino Remix 35) Magic Box - If You 36) Carillon - Gigi D'Agostino Molto Remix 37) This Is Better (What Is) 38) If You (Radio Mix) 39) the killer's song 40) If You (Cyt Remix) 41) This Is Better (What Is Promo 42) Carillon (TaK3dJRadioRipEdit) 43) sorry marin (disco korto mix) 44) If You... - Instrumental Disco Mix 45) From Now On - Corti&LaMedica,Andry J Radio Remix 46) Scream My Name (Extended Mix) 47) 4 Your Love (Club Mix) 48) From Now On - Original Version 49) If You (Summer Eletrohits 1) 50) If You (Live in Brazil)

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