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Marcel Khalife

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Marcel Khalife

Marcel Khalifé (Arabic: مرسيل خليفة) was born in 1950 in Amchit, Mount-Lebanon. He studied the oud (the Arabic lute) at the Beirut National conservatory. His music works around the classical Arabic oud but also includes jazz piano and many other influences. His playing techniques expand far outside those of classical oud playing, however, and he is attributed for having greatly expanded the horizons of this traditional Arabic instrument.

Artist Tags For Marcel Khalife

1) Arabic 2) Lebanese 3) Oud 4) Arabic Jazz 5) Experimental

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Marcel Khalife

1) Sarkhata Tha Er 2) You Will Die Near My Blood 3) Rise 4) Oh My Father, I am Yusif 5) My Song 6) Resist 7) Ahmad Counts His Limbs 8) Rise to Your Dream 9) Ahmad Awaits 10) Walking Tall 11) Hands of thyme and stone 12) Ahmad emerges from the ancient 13) My Mother 14) Ahmad Emerges From the Ancient Wounds 15) Granada 16) Haifa Started Here 17) Caress (Mouda'abah) 18) Caress (feat. Bachar Khalife, Rami Khalife & Peter Herbert) 19) I am Arab Ahmad 20) Ahmad My Brother 21) The Wedding 22) Passport 23) Rita 24) Let The Siege Come 25) Promises of the storm 26) Popular Cafe 27) Among Small Details 28) Rita and the Rifle 29) We shall remain 30) 19 - You Will Die Near My Blood 31) Taratil 32) The Passport 33) Ahmad the refugee camp 34) Tents 35) Ahmad the wind 36) Coffee Trees 37) Al Hambra 38) Oh Arab Ahmad 39) Samai Bayati 40) Jaffra 41) Overture 42) Curves Of Autumn 43) Caress 44) Go Deep 45) Arabic Coffeepot 46) Beirut 47) With All the Love 48) Passing-Beauty 49) Young-Beauty 50) Haifa-Started-Here

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Marcel Khalife