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Marco Minnemann

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Marco Minnemann

Minnemann was born in Hanover, and started playing organ at the age of 6, then switched to drums and guitar at the same time at the age of 11. Marco's fame as one of the extraordinarily talented drummers and composers, reached him at the age of 19 all the way to Munich. The first 'cross-over' band Freaky Fukin' Weirdoz offered him a position as drummer in 1992, in connection with a major deal with BMG Ariola. The "Weirdoz" were the originators of the so-called 'cross-elimination' style of playing

Artist Tags For Marco Minnemann

1) Fusion 2) Drummer 3) Experimental 4) Progressive Rock 5) Progressive

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Marco Minnemann

1) Kate 2) Wandering Portland Maine 3) Crack in the Muscle 4) Friday Midi 5) Diddles 6) Streets 7) The Beauty of One Note 8) Rim 9) Bread-Fish-Dance 10) Broken Orange 11) Mr. Kempinski 12) One Little Moment 13) €50 14) Symbolic Fox/Snoopy 15) Got 5 (feat. Guthrie Govan) 16) Three in a row 17) Nein-Too 18) Waiting For Boys and Girls 19) Metalband (feat. Guthrie Govan) 20) Forgot Your Name 21) Desoloista 22) Green 23) Chicken or Pasta 24) Letter P On U 25) All Your Blessings (Didn't Help) 26) Meter 27) Letter P On U2 28) Sandwich 29) Papers 30) Militant Bikers in ms 31) Kondome 32) Hair Off 33) Party With the Termites 34) The Dying Part 35) Where we started 36) Ear to Ear 37) Sunday 38) And the Birds Fly Out 39) Class 40) Unlaw 41) Broken Toe 42) Wintertime 43) Desert Tornado 44) Total Frontal Nudity 45) Psh Psh 46) Oink 47) Mr. Blancmange 48) Evil Smiles of Beauty 49) Warschond 50) OC DC

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