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Marco V

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Marco V

From well-known tracks like 'Indicator', 'Simulated' and 'Godd' through to present-day productions such as 'Second Bite', 'More Than A Life Away' and 'Red Blue Purple', and his successful updates of widely regarded classics such as 'Café Del Mar' and 'Loops & Tings Relooped', Marco V's discography is considerably extensive. On the decks he develops his personal style, incorporating anything from electro to techno. Travel the globe and you'll be hard-pushed to find a major club that hasn’t served as his host.

Artist Tags For Marco V

1) Trance 2) Electronic 3) Techno 4) Dance 5) Marco V

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Marco V

1) Simulated 2) False Light 3) Godd 4) More Than a Life Away 5) Red Blue Purple 6) Tolerance 7) Automanual 8) Second Bite 9) No Place for Silence 10) Indicator 11) A Great Escape 12) Stronger Now 13) New Dawn 14) Unprepared 15) Simulated (Original Mix) (Marco V's 2006 edit) 16) Calling the Shots 17) Toys for Humanoids 18) Simulated - Radio Edit 19) Godd (Tyranoid vs Michael Strongstream Remix) 20) In Charge 21) Godd (original mix) 22) Recovered 23) Coma Aid 24) False Light (Original Extended Mix) 25) Godd (Tyranoid vs Michael Strongstream Extended Remix) 26) Alesis 27) Terminal 18!! 28) Ira 29) Back To Cali 30) Its Our Future 31) More than a life away (Original Mix) 32) I Feel You 33) Reaver 34) Futurescope 35) Believin 36) False light (short single mix) 37) GODD (Single Edit) 38) The Funk Battery 39) False Light (Ton T.B. Remix) 40) Rise 41) Magnitude (Album Edit) 42) Milla 43) Echoes 44) The Underground 45) Automanual (Innercity Remix) 46) Frozen Heart - Big Room Radio Edit 47) The Mutalisk 48) Mascenery 49) Certainly 50) Joy Dont Stop

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Marco V