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Mario Joy

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mario Joy

A big part of his career, Marius Nicula aka "Mario Joy" focused more on the composition and work inside the studio,where he worked together with local artists in a series of songs that were released in the last few years. We recognize Mario Joy from his last video "Nada Mas" released in the summer of 2015 that managed to cross the borders of Turkey, Bulgaria and some other countries in South Europe,he also signed a collaboration with "Juan Magan" for the new version of the song which will appear on his album.

Artist Tags For Mario Joy

1) Romanian

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mario Joy

1) California 2) California - Radio Edit 3) California (Radio Edit) 4) California - Extended 5) Broke - Cut Edit 6) Gold Digger - Ian Burlak Remix 7) Nada Más - Radio Edit 8) I Like the Way 9) Gold Digger 10) California (OST Форсаж 8) 11) Follow Your Dreams 12) Nada Más - Dust Wave Remix 13) Gold Digger - Extended 14) Gold Digger - Radio Edit 15) Nada Más - Extended 16) California (DJ Noiz Remix) 17) California (Rino Aqua & MD DJ Remix) [Extended] 18) California (Extended) 19) California - Ian Burlak Remix Radio Edit 20) Gold Digger (Radio Edit) 21) Bad Habit - Radio Edit 22) Gold Digger (Ian Burlak official remix) 23) I Miss You 24) California (Ian Burlak Rmx) 25) Broke - Radio Edit 26) I Miss You - Dust Wave & Ian Burlak Remix 27) Broke (Radio Edit) 28) Broke - Extended Mix 29) Nada Más 30) California (Extended Version) 31) Bad Habit 32) Gotta Make Money - Radio Edit 33) Gold Digger (Ian Burlak Remix) 34) California (Denis First Remix) 35) California (Ian Burlak Remix) 36) Gold Digger - Mustafa & Emre Remix 37) Broke 38) California (Radio Edit) ( 39) California (DJ Noiz Remix) Extended 40) Gold Digger (Dust Wave Remix) 41) Smoke My Life 42) NADA MAS 43) Nada Mas (Extended) 44) California (Denis First Remix) (Radio Record Edit) 45) Gold Digger (Burlak Remix) 46) Playin' - Radio Edit 47) Bad Habit (Badonkadonk) (Radio Edit) 48) California (Lyric video) 49) California - Vladof DJ Remix 50) King - Nicolas Mar Remix Cut

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