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Mat Zo

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mat Zo

Matan Zohar (a.k.a Mat Zo, Unripelemon, Reif, MRSA) was born in April of 1990 into a musical family. Throughout his childhood, music was a huge part of his daily life. He was pressured by his parents at an early age to take up an instrument, and when he picked up his first guitar in 1998, he quickly showed a talent for it. During this time he developed a love for Daft Punk. In 2001 he moved in with his dad in London. There he got his first computer and was able to kindle his interest for electronic music.

Artist Tags For Mat Zo

1) Trance 2) Progressive Trance 3) Electronic 4) Melodic Trance 5) Anjunabeats

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mat Zo

1) Superman Lost 2) Lucid Dreams 3) Aurus 4) Easy - Radio Edit 5) Caller ID 6) Mozart - Radio Edit 7) Synapse Dynamics 8) Patterns Emerging 9) Order Out of Chaos 10) The Price Of Oil 11) Easy 12) Near The End 13) Only For You 14) Like It Used To Be 15) Time On Your Side 16) Little Damage 17) Pyramid Scheme 18) The Last Transmission 19) EZ 20) The Fractal Universe 21) Superman (Original Mix) 22) Soul Food 23) No Hassle (Blue Room Project - Big Hassle Mix) 24) Exodus (Relisys Remix) 25) Equinox (Original Mix) 26) Sinful (feat. I See MONSTAS) 27) Synapse Dynamics - Arty Remix 28) The Sky 29) Moderate Stimulation 30) Vice 31) Lucky Strike 32) Ruffneck Bad Boy - Radio Edit 33) Get Down 2 Get Up - Original Mix 34) Subaquatic Dream (Original Mix) 35) Bipolar 36) Synapse Dynamics (Arty remix edit) 37) Meaning Lost All Words 38) Default 39) Bipolar (Original Mix) 40) Hurricane 41) No Hassle 42) The Fractal Universe (Original Mix) 43) The Enemy (feat. Sinead Egan) 44) Mozart - Original Mix 45) Time Dilation 46) Superman 47) Lucid Dreams - The M Machine Remix 48) Synapse Dynamics (Arty Remix) 49) Faint of Heart 50) Lucid Dreams (The M Machine Remix)

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