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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Matisyahu

Matisyahu ("Gift of God"), Hebrew stagename for Matthew Paul Miller ⋆ 30 June 1979 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, is a spiritually minded American-Jewish singer, beatboxer, singjay and songwriter. He grew up in White Plains, New York. His music is an interplay between reggae, rock, hip-hop, and reggae fusion. His debute studioalbum Shake Off the Dust... Arise was released 2004 and his latest, Akeda 2014. Well-known songs are King Without A Crown, One Day and Happy Hanukkah.

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Hasidic Reggae

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Matisyahu

1) King Without a Crown 2) Jerusalem 3) Time Of Your Song 4) Youth 5) One Day 6) Chop 'em Down 7) Close My Eyes 8) Dispatch the Troops 9) What I'm Fighting For 10) Sunshine 11) Warrior 12) Indestructible 13) Late Night in Zion 14) WP 15) Exaltation 16) Aish Tamid 17) Unique Is My Dove 18) Ancient Lullaby 19) Fire of Heaven/Altar of Earth 20) Refuge 21) Got No Water 22) Shalom/Saalam 23) One Day - New Album Version 24) Short Nigun 25) Sea to Sea 26) Father in the Forest 27) Beat Box 28) We Will Walk 29) Smash Lies 30) Candle 31) I Will Be Light 32) Lord Raise Me Up 33) Interlude 34) So Hi So Lo 35) Heights 36) Fire and Heights 37) Escape 38) On Nature 39) For You 40) Thunder 41) Darkness Into Light 42) Outro 43) Struggla 44) Motivate 45) Fire Of Heaven / Altar Of Earth 46) Live Like a Warrior 47) Silence 48) One Day (New Album Version) 49) King Without A Crown - Live Album Version 50) Message In A Bottle

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