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Mauro Picotto

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mauro Picotto

Mauro Picotto aka CRW and RAF (born December 25, 1966 in Cavour, Italy) is a famous Italian techno producer, remixer and DJ. Formerly a contributor to Italian Eurodance outfit Cappella, he became popular with tracks like "Proximus", "Komodo", "Iguana", "Pulsar" and "Lizard". He has cooperated with many popular trance musicians like DJ Tiƫsto. He now promotes his own club night called "Meganite", now in its fouth year at Privilege Ibiza, the worlds largest nightclub. He produces under his own label, Bakerloo.

Artist Tags For Mauro Picotto

1) Trance 2) Techno 3) Electronic 4) Dance 5) Progressive Trance

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mauro Picotto

1) Komodo 2) Lizard 3) Evribadi (Fonzerelli Remix) 4) Back To Cali 5) Proximus 6) Pulsar 7) Awesome!!! 8) Iguana 9) Like This Like That 10) Iguana (Blank & Jones Remix) 11) Bug 12) Back To Cali (Push Remix) 13) Baguette 14) Verdi 15) Lizard (Claxixx mix) 16) Pulsar (DJ Tiesto remix) 17) Proximus - Radio edit 18) Komodo - Radio Edit 19) Ultima Hora Ibiza 20) Lizard (Reece Elliot remix) 21) Eclectic (Original Mix) 22) BACK TO CALI (G-SPOTT RADIO EDIT) 23) Komodo (Save a Soul) 24) Taub (Picotto Mix) 25) Komodo (Megavoices Claxixx mix) 26) PROXIMUS (MEDLEY WITH ADIEMUS) (KOMODO MIX) 27) Like A Dog 28) Pulsar (Od404 Remix) 29) Lizard (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix) 30) Charm 31) Evribadi (Original Mix) 32) Hong Kong 33) Bangkok 34) Goodbye 35) Ultimahora Ibiza 36) Pulsar (Picotto Tea Mix) 37) Proximus medley with Adiemus 38) Pegasus 39) Iguana (Mas mix) 40) Planet 41) Iguana (Megavoices Mix) 42) Cyberfood 43) Eclectic 44) Evribadi [Fonzerelli Radio Edit] 45) Underground 46) Evribadi 47) Adiemus 48) Deep blue 49) Iguana (video cut) 50) Lounge

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Mauro Picotto