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Megan McCauley

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Megan McCauley

Megan is now the lead singer of the band: Beat The System There are a handful of artists that honestly and truly know what it means to sing from the heart and from the soul. Whether or not these artists sing about unrequited love, raise their fists against injustice, or expose our innermost fears and desires like a raw nerve, there’s a fire in their soul, a bitter tasting spit salivating from their lips, and a magnetic force in their grip. Sharpening the tart edge of her tongue comes naturally to Megan McCauley.

Artist Tags For Megan McCauley

1) Rock 2) Female Vocalists 3) Pop Rock 4) Alternative 5) Female Fronted Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Megan McCauley

1) Wonder 2) Tap That 3) Reverie 4) Fragile 5) Die For You 6) Migraine 7) See Through 8) I'll Pay You To Shoot Him 9) I Realize 10) Porcelain Doll 11) Come To Me 12) Wrong Way Out 13) Die For You (Fantastic Four Mix) 14) Die For You (Alternate Mix) 15) Reverie. 16) Die for You [Fantastic Four Mix] 17) Time 18) Settling 19) Hey Aimee 20) Break You 21) Dark Angel 22) Die for You [Fantastic Four Mix] [Mix] 23) Tap That (Morgan Page Radio Edit) 24) Colder 25) 01 - Die For You (Album Mix) 26) Die For You - Fantastic Four Mix 27) Die For You (Fantastic Four Mi 28) Snake 29) Tap That (Zoned Out Mix) 30) Tap That (Josh Harris Radio Edit) 31) Migraine (explicit) 32) Die For You (Album Mix) 33) 04 - Wonder 34) Tap That (Josh Harris' Tap The Club) 35) Tap That (John Harris Radio Edit) 36) Tap That (Morgan Page Mix) 37) I'll Pay You To Shoot Him (explicit) 38) Die For You (Fantastic Four M 39) Tap That - Josh Harris Radio Edit 40) I Wanna Tap That 41) Tap That (Josh Harris Edit) 42) Die For You (Fantastic 4 Mix) 43) Megan McCauley - Die For You 44) Tap That - Morgan Page Radio Edit 45) I Won't Remember 46) Ball 'n' Chain 47) Tap That - Zoned Out Mix 48) Megan McCauley - Tap That 49) Come 50) Fragile (Demo)

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