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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Meklit

Meklit (born Meklit Hadero) is an Ethiopian-born singer and songwriter based in San Francisco, California. She is known for her soulful performing style, and for combining jazz, folk, and East African influences in her music. Born in Addis Ababa, she was raised in the U.S. and attended college at Yale, where she studied political science. Meklit sings in English and Amharic. She fled with her doctor parents to the US in hopes of escaping the years of violence that followed Ethiopia's 1974 revolution.

Artist Tags For Meklit

1) Ethiopia 2) Jazz 3) Soul 4) Folk 5) Female Vocalists

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Meklit

1) Walk Up 2) Feeling Good 3) Supernova 4) Memories of the Future - Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix 5) I Was Made to Love Her 6) Leaving Soon 7) This Was Made Here 8) Soleil Soleil 9) Float and Fall 10) I WANT TO SING FOR THEM ALL 11) Slow 12) Abbay Mado 13) You and the Rain 14) Supernova - Xenia Rubinos Remix 15) You Are My Luck 16) Waiting For Earthquakes 17) Yerakeh Yeresal 18) Walls 19) Call 20) Kemekem (I Like Your Afro) [feat. Samuel Yirga] 21) In Sleep 22) Yesterday Is A Tizita 23) A Train 24) Bring On the Night 25) Under 26) Overgrown 27) Human Animal 28) You Got Me 29) Yerakeh Yeresal - Caipo Remix 30) Memories of the Future 31) Stuck On the Moon 32) Sweet Or Salty 33) Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) 34) Far Away 35) Rest Now 36) We Are Alive 37) Plume 38) In Love With Love 39) Birthday Song 40) This Must Be The Place 41) Electric Feel 42) Bring It On Home to Me 43) I Want to Sing for Them All (feat. Andrew Bird) 44) Sent by You 45) Sweet or Salty - Ethiopian Records Remix 46) You Are My Luck (feat. Preservation Hall Horns) 47) Kemekem (I Like Your Afro) 48) Kemekem - Dub Colossus Dubadelic Mix 49) Kemekem (I Like Your Afro) - Dub Colossus Dub Mix 50) Look at What The Light Did Now

Frogtoon Music - 43 Top Albums For Meklit

1) On a Day Like This... 2) On a Day Like This 3) When the People Move, the Music Moves Too 4) Memories of the Future (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix) 5) Meklit & Quinn 6) Supernova (Remixes) 7) We Are Alive 8) Yerakeh Yeresal (Caipo Remix) 9) (null) 10) Live At Google 11) I Want To Sing For Them All 12) Kemekem (I Like Your Afro) [Remixes] 13) Sweet or Salty (Ethiopian Records Remix) 14) Psychedelic Planet 15) You Got Me (Blinky Bill Remix) 16) This Was Made Here (Ethiopian Records Remix) 17) Kemekem (I Like Your Afro) Dub Colossus Remixes 18) Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) 19) Kemekem Remixes 20) When The People Move The Music Moves Too 21) Six Degrees Records' Psychedelic Planet 22) Meklit Quinn 23) I Want to Sing for Them All (feat. Andrew Bird) - Single 24) Festival International Nuits d'Afrique 25ième édition - Compilation 2011 25) Festival International Nuits d'Afrique - compilation 2014 26) When the People Move, The Music Moves, Too (Six Degrees) 27) When the People Move, The Music Moves, Too 28) Supernova 29) When People Move, the Music Moves Too 30) Afro Poly-Rhythmo #22 Fusion 31) 'Slow' (From "We Are Alive") 32) Kemekem (I Like Your Afro) Dub Colossus Remixes - EP 33) Supernova (Remixes) - Single 34) Memories of the Future (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix) [Single] (Six Degrees Records) 35) Kemekem (I Like Your Afro) [Remixes] - EP 36) You Got Me 37) Ultimate Fun: 10 Years of The Collective. 38) Festival International Nuits D'Afrique 2018 39) When The People Move 40) Meklit 41) In Love With Love 42) Undercover Presents: The Velvet Underground & Nico Tribute 43) Kemekem

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