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Men Eater

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Men Eater

Men Eater is band from Lisbon, Portugal, and was raised in 2004. The super-group tag is thrown around much too often nowadays, but Men Eater definitely includes the cream of the crop of the current portuguese underground movement. The band shares musicians with well-known groups as For The Glory, Blacksunrise, Riding Pânico and Mushin, but it's so much more than your average side-project it almost hurts. The idea of getting it together was born in a pretty casual way though in the back of a van

Artist Tags For Men Eater

1) Sludge 2) Seen Live 3) Doom Metal 4) Stoner 5) Portuguese

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Men Eater

1) Lisboa 2) First Season 3) Revolver 4) Black 5) Drivedead 6) Hellstone 7) Heartbeating Locomotiva 8) windyhorse 9) Man Hates Space 10) Redsky 11) Quatero 12) Drunk Flies Drugged Souls 13) Upon These Walls 14) Last Season 15) You Mean The Trash To Me 16) Medusa 17) Reminder 18) 1200 19) Novee 20) Coldest Tide 21) Queen of a Million 22) Dead at Sea 23) Illusion One 24) Sustain The Living 25) Broken In Fiction 26) 4:44 AM 27) Atlantic 28) Bracara 29) The Ground Beneath The Ground We've Been 30) When Crimson Trips 31) The Golden 32) Savn 33) For a life massacre 34) We've Reached The End And Looked Backwards At This Hill Of Nothing, It Was Exactly What I Always Wished For My Life 35) You Suck (Middle Finger Appocalipse) 36) This Tragedy Stills Pink 37) Heart Beating Locomotiva 38) S A V N 39) 1 2 0 0 40) Untitled Track 2 41) Untitled Track 1 42) Hearbeating Locomotiva 43) You Mean The Thrash To Me 44) 02. Black 45) The Ground Beneath The Groun We've Been 46) 05. Lisboa 47) We've Reached The End And Look 48) 05 Lisboa 49) 01 Revolver 50) The ground beneath the ground we´ve been

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