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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Metallica

Metallica is an American metal band formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California, United States when drummer Lars Ulrich posted an advertisement in The Recycler. Metallica’s line-up originally consisted of Ulrich, rhythm guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield, and lead guitarist Dave Mustaine. Mustaine was later fired due to problems with alcoholism and drug addiction - he went on to form the band Megadeth. Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett took his place.

Artist Tags For Metallica

1) Thrash Metal 2) Metal 3) Heavy Metal 4) Hard Rock 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Metallica

1) Enter Sandman 2) Nothing Else Matters 3) Master of Puppets 4) One 5) The Unforgiven 6) Sad but True 7) Fade to Black 8) Battery 9) For Whom the Bell Tolls 10) Wherever I May Roam 11) Whiskey in the Jar 12) Fuel 13) Of Wolf and Man 14) Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 15) The Thing That Should Not Be 16) The day that never comes 17) The Unforgiven II 18) Creeping Death 19) The Memory Remains 20) Blackened 21) Holier Than Thou 22) Ride the Lightning 23) Through the Never 24) Until It Sleeps 25) Don't Tread on Me 26) Disposable Heroes 27) My Friend of Misery 28) The God That Failed 29) Harvester of Sorrow 30) The Call of Ktulu 31) Hero of the Day 32) Fight Fire With Fire 33) All Nightmare Long 34) Leper Messiah 35) Turn the Page 36) The Four Horsemen 37) Hit the Lights 38) Whiplash 39) The Unforgiven III 40) Motorbreath 41) The Struggle Within 42) That Was Just Your Life 43) St. Anger 44) Trapped Under Ice 45) Eye of the Beholder 46) The Shortest Straw 47) Jump in the Fire 48) The End of the Line 49) Seek & Destroy 50) ...and Justice for All

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