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Michael Rault

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Michael Rault

Michael Rault got his start in music playing in local punk bands, such as The Nightshades (with members of Let’s Dance and the Dance Floor Disasters) and the Morellos (with now notable solo performer Eamon McGrath), while simultaneously falling in as a guitar player with the Rault Brothers Band alongside his Dad and Uncle, Lionel and Ron Rault. In June of 2005 he ventured out on his own with his first self titled “Michael Rault and the Mixed Signals” CDR EP.

Artist Tags For Michael Rault

1) Seen Live 2) Canada 3) Garage 4) Indie 5) Country

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Michael Rault

1) I'll be there 2) SLEEP WITH ME 3) Real Love (Yeah) 4) All Alone (On My Own) 5) NEW DAY TONIGHT 6) Too Bad So Sad 7) Still Not Sad 8) Nothing Means Nothing 9) Suckcess 10) Pyramid Scheme 11) Lovers Lie 12) Dream Song 13) Lost Something 14) Sitting Still 15) Oh, Clever Boy 16) Hiding from a Heartbreak 17) I Wanna Love You 18) Out of the Light 19) Too All My Friends 20) Dancing with Tears in My Eyes 21) Sleeping & Smiling 22) When The Sun Shines 23) I Don't Need No Help Gettin Down 24) Call Me On The Phone 25) Pretty Thing 26) Honey Bee 27) Let Me Go Out 28) Lay Right Down and Die 29) Fall In Love With Every Girl I See 30) I Wanna Love You (hifi) 31) She'll Cut You Down 32) I Want You for Mine 33) The Things You Said 34) Can't Hold On Much Longer 35) You Can Leave If You Want To 36) He Don't Care About You 37) The Flood 38) Two Wings (Staple Singers Cover) 39) Everyone Must Cry Sometimes 40) I Want To Love You (lofi) 41) Paranoia Paint Set 42) Real Love (Yeah) - Audiotree Live Version 43) It'll Hurt You, Too 44) The Times When You Were Mine 45) Nothing Means Nothing - Audiotree Live Version 46) Too All My Friends - Audiotree Live Version 47) Who Will the Next Fool Be 48) Still Not Sad - Audiotree Live Version 49) Side Winder 50) Suckcess - Audiotree Live Version

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