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Michael Whalen

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Michael Whalen

While you probably haven't heard Michael's music on the radio, you've undoubtedly heard his work in one of the literally thousands of commercials he scored for clients like Apple, Coca-Cola, Disney and Nike. But he's not just a composer-for-hire: Michael is also building a significant discography -- 22 CDs to date -- as a solo recording artist, working in pop, jazz, classical, electronic and those fascinating, unclassifiable spaces in between. Released in January of 2009

Artist Tags For Michael Whalen

1) New Age 2) Piano 3) Ambient 4) Contemporary Classical 5) Michael Whalen

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Michael Whalen

1) I Have Loved You For A Thousand Lifetimes 2) Love's Secret 3) Your Eyes In The Candlelight 4) Addicted To You 5) For You 6) Swimming In A Lovely Sea Of You 7) Hands Of Silk 8) Moonglow 9) The Shape Of Her Face 10) Impossibly Blue 11) Two As One 12) First Light 13) The Other Coast 14) Tantric 15) The Mother Knows 16) Soliloquy 17) The Softest Touch 18) Morning Coast Drive 19) Land of Seduction 20) I Move (muscles) 21) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 22) Life Is A Circle 23) The Puritan's Dream 24) Through The Parched Land 25) Before I Close My Eyes 26) SHAPE OF HER FACE, THE 27) Moments In Love 28) Birth: The Journey Of Life 29) When I See Your Face 30) One Becomes A Trillion 31) The Waiting Time 32) A Dangerous Place 33) While My Love Is Sleeping 34) The Distance From Heart To Mouth 35) Unsung Heroes 36) Rain 37) The Feather 38) Autumn Color Fields 39) Together With You 40) Through The Parched Land: Desert Flower 41) My Linda 42) All The Things I Could Not Say 43) Footsteps - In The Snow 44) Sunrise Dance 45) A Living Machine 46) A Forest of Feelings 47) Woodland Lullaby 48) Up All Night 49) My Arms That Ache to Hold You 50) Rhythm of the Saints

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Michael Whalen

1) Dancing in Black & White - the Best of Michael Whalen 2) My Secret Heart 3) The Other Coast 4) From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds 5) The Softest Touch: Solo Piano 6) Phantom Of The Forest 7) The Shape Of Life 8) Softest Touch 9) Great African Moments 10) (null) 11) All The Things I Could Not Say 12) Dream Cycle 13) My Secret Heart: Romantic Meditations for Ambient Piano 14) Forever Wild 15) Lost Liners - Empresses of the Atlantic 16) Nightscenes 17) Christmas Blessings: The Narada Christmas Collection, Vol. 3 18) 20 Years Of Narada Piano 19) Titanic: Anatomy Of A Disaster 20) Cargo 21) Mysterious Ways 22) Jazzworks Volume I 23) Songs Without Words 24) Christmas Blessings (The Narada Christmas Collection - Volume 3) 25) Kiss the Quiet 26) You Are My Home 27) Lost Liners 28) Passion/Romance: Narada Classic Collections 29) The Road of Ghosts 30) Best of Narada Christmas 31) Hidden Beauty 32) Dancing in Black White - the Best of Michael Whalen 33) Romance/Passion: Narada Classics 34) The Softest Touch 35) Earth Songs/Precious Waters 36) Grand Piano 37) Like Rain Through My Hands 38) Slavery and the Making of America 39) My Secret Heart: Romantic Meditations... 40) Pokémon: 2.B.A. Master 41) Close to the Heart 42) Yu-Gi-Oh! Music To Duel By 43) Cupid Blindfolded: Solo Piano 44) Grand Piano - Narada Anniversary Collection (disc 2) 45) The Best of Narada Christmas 46) Romance - Music For Piano 47) Ballade Nocturne 48) Dancing In Black & White - the Best of Michael Whalen (Re-mastered) 49) Yu-Gi-Oh!--Music To Duel By 50) Pokemon - 2.B.A. Master

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