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Mike Rowland

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mike Rowland

New age composer Mike Rowland was born in London in 1958. As a youngster, Rowland showed a natural affinity for composing and playing the piano.Mike's music is inspired and created through listening to his inner voice, to the voice of music that speaks within him.The music is classical, orchestral and with his beautiful piano playing appears in many films and teaching videos across the world. It is used by teachers, by hospitals, by doctors preparing patients for surgery, as well as Shirley Maclain for her video "The Inner Workout".

Artist Tags For Mike Rowland

1) New Age 2) Piano 3) Ambient 4) Instrumental 5) Mikerowland

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mike Rowland

1) Garden of Treasures 2) Magic Moment 3) Only Reflection 4) Dreamflight 5) Longing for You 6) Son of the Light 7) Pisces 8) Look for the Light 9) Angel Delight 10) Breath 11) From the Light 12) We Dream 13) Listen to Your Heart 14) Never Alone 15) Follow Your Star 16) When Angels Come 17) Land of Hope 18) Lullaby 19) Out of the Blue 20) When the Day Begins 21) Take My Hand 22) Earthensky 23) A Summer's Day 24) Glimmer of Hope 25) Mystic Angel 26) The Dream 27) Star to Guide You 28) Immortal Dawn 29) Innocence 30) Land of Dreams 31) Protect the Children 32) Travel By Dreams 33) Daisychain 34) Discover the Light and See 35) In the Stillness of the Dawn 36) Lady from the Lake 37) Sea Dream 38) Come Into the Fairy Ring 39) Fly Away 40) And so to Dream 41) Angel Touch 42) Embrace Within My Heart 43) Grace 44) This Time 45) Twilight Dream 46) Arc-En-Ciel 47) There Were 48) Enter the Dream 49) Crystal Angel Part 1 50) Sylvan Dream

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