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Mind Over Matter

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mind Over Matter

Six artists exist with this name. 1) Mind Over Matter Mind Over Matter blends various electronic styles (such as Trance, Ambient, Dubstep, etc...) to create a unique style all in it's own. Hailing from the "Dirty South" San Antonio, Texas, U.S. Mind Over Matter consists of composer Corey Stanley, along with production help from Matthew Coyne, to bring a soothing, relaxing, yet get up and dance kind of music to the listeners. Established in late 2010

Artist Tags For Mind Over Matter

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) Electronic 4) Chillout 5) Hardcore

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mind Over Matter

1) Real Life (feat. K.I.K.I) 2) A Little Taste 3) The Silence 4) Smile Now Cry Later ft. Shifty 5) Call It Madness 6) For Our Hip Hoppers 7) Beats, Rhymes & Skinny White Kids ft. Amelia 8) Mahatma 9) Brahman 10) Tear Ya Chains Off 11) Hunger In My Heart 12) Sri Ram 13) Bang To This 14) Shangri-La 15) North Star 16) Brahmaputra 17) Mountains Of Karma 18) Varanasi Morning 19) La Vie 20) City Of Stars 21) Fly Away Like Leaves 22) Crackabrew 23) Virus 24) Northstar 25) Love You Need 26) This Love 27) Crossing Jamuna River (Balloonflight Of Our Fantasy) 28) Automanipulation 29) Change 30) Automatic Crowd 31) A Night In Mogul's Garden 32) Rappers In Wonderland 33) Suffermouth 34) I Cant Wait ft. Lillian Blue 35) Lifeloss 36) Too Much 37) What They Say (feat. Bliss N Eso) 38) Drown The Problem 39) Forbidden Fruit 40) Crazy 41) Jack the Bear 42) Sentimental Russia 43) Just Like Fireworks 44) God Hates Me 45) Feel The Pleasure And Pain 46) Who Are You? 47) Love/Obsession 48) Parts 49) Capture the Spark 50) Paranoid Moment

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