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Mirror Signal

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mirror Signal

Mirror Signal is a 23 year old Steven Barker from Suffolk, England. Getting into music around the age of 9, and writing since the age of 12, Steven has grown into a keen songwriter and producer with an ear for melody and groove. Turning to Electronic influences in 2012, Steven bought a Macbook and used his skills he picked up at college to start work on a solo EP, taking soul, jazz and electronic influences into consideration. Since the "Broken Soldier" EP release in April 2013

Artist Tags For Mirror Signal

1) Electronic 2) Jazz 3) Soul 4) R&b 5) Rnb

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mirror Signal

1) All Along 2) Dat Won' Save Me 3) 20th Century Fix (Warm Weather) 4) Broken Soldier 5) 20th Century Fix - Warm Weather 6) Try 7) One Day 8) Commiserations 9) Dat Won' Save Me (Phlux Remix) 10) I've Changed My Signature 11) Shaking the Blood Back Into Your Dead Arm 12) 20th Century Fix 13) No One Can Save the World 14) Jaw Fifteenth (Subterfuge) 15) Shelter 16) All Along (Himalia Remix) 17) Submarine Eyes 18) The Power's In... 19) One Day (Oscuro Remix) 20) Commiserations (Thostey Remix) 21) One Day (Plage 84 Remix) 22) Dat Won' Save Me (Shadow Fleet Remix) 23) Clones 24) Clones (80N7) 25) Broken Soldier [Radio Edit] 26) Try (Live In Montreal) 27) Dat Won Save Me 28) All Along (Original Demo) 29) Try (live at Montreal Jazz Festival) 30) All Along (live at Maida Vale) 31) Warm Weather (Live at Maida Vale) 32) Aerodynamic Hearts 33) 20th Century Fix (Warm Weather 34) 20th Century Fix (Warm Weather) (Warm Weather) 35) All Along Himalia Remix 36) GRRIF 37) 20th Century Fix (Warm Weather) / Brownswood 38) Mirror Signal - All Along 39) Dat Won't Save Me (PHLUX Rmx) 40) When Your Submarine Eyes Sink 41) Dat Won't Save Me 42) all along (himalia mix) 43) One Day (Oscuro Remix) (Original Mix) 44) Dat Won Save Me (Shadow Fleet Remix) (Original Mix) 45) Commiserations (Thostey Remix) (Original Mix) 46) Dat Won Save Me (Phlux Remix) (Original Mix) 47) One Day (Live Session Track) 48) Feint 49) All Along 'Herculean Task EP' (PEGX002: CD/DIGITAL - 22/06/2015) 50) Mirror Signal - 20th Century Fix

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