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Monster Voodoo Machine

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Monster Voodoo Machine

Formed in Canada in 1991, Monster Voodoo Machine was the modern metal brainchild of Toronto musician/vocalist Adam Sewell. The singer culled the ranks of bands such as Tatentanz and Backlash to create the first band lineup consisting of Mark Gibson on guitar, Drew Gauley on drums, and bassist Terry Landry. This particular set of musicians released the group's first recording, Burn in November of 1991 on the local independent label Epidemic Records.

Artist Tags For Monster Voodoo Machine

1) Metal 2) Industrial Metal 3) Groove Metal 4) Hardcore 5) Thrash Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Monster Voodoo Machine

1) Bastard Is As Bastard Does 2) Threat by Example 3) Copper Theft 4) Motionless 5) Fetal Position 6) Adding Insult to Injury 7) Defense Mechanism 8) Slowburn 9) Temple 10) Removal 11) Sunspots 12) Inside These Walls (Salvaged & Recycled) 13) Inside These Walls 14) Stealth M.F. 15) Inside These Walls (Salvaged and Recycled) 16) Born Guilty 17) Get On With It 18) Dragon Style 19) Voodoo #1 20) Every Filthy Angel 21) Color My Soul Grey 22) Thorn 23) Gimme A Riot 24) Slowmotion Moonshine 25) This Ain't No Small Town (Demo Jam) 26) Get On With It (Buck Naked Mix) 27) Temple (Jericho Meltdown Mix) 28) I Have Seen The Rise 29) The Damage Is Done 30) Crossroads 31) 007/Shadow And Echo 32) Rats Eye View 33) Born Guilty (Detox Mix) 34) Copper Theft (Denial Mix-Ogre Atkins) 35) InsideTheseWalls 36) Voodoo #1 (Carnage Asada Mix) 37) Voodoo #1 (Carnage Asadm Mix) 38) Copper theft (Denial Mix - Ogre Atkins) 39) Copper Theft (Denial Mix) 40) Bastard Child 41) 3 Year Plan 42) Minimal 43) Needle Man 44) This Ain't No Small Town [Demo Jam] 45) Blacklight 46) Get on With It [Buck Naked Mix] 47) Inside These Walls (Reapin' Madd Havoc Mix) 48) Bastard Child 12" (The B.K.S. Monster Techno Storm) 49) Temple [Jericho Meltdown Mix] 50) Voodoo #1 [Carnage Asada Remix]

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