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Montice Harmon

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Montice Harmon

Poetically, Harmon's music has evolved since he debuted in 2000, at the age of fourteen with his MySpace cover release using Eryka Badu's "On & On" instrumental. He cites the song was his first demo he record on his karaoke machine. From that moment he developed a poetic style that gave him a “good boy” image with a “hip-yet-wholesome” poetic appeal. At the age of 24, he dropped his first single, 'Time In A Bottle (Drifting...)' delivering pure spokenword about his trials and tribulations.

Artist Tags For Montice Harmon

1) Jazz 2) Hip Hop 3) Soul 4) Spoken Word 5) Poetry

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Montice Harmon

1) Take a Ride With Me 2) Lay With Me (One Night) 3) Living To Love You 4) Take My Hand (Come with Me) 5) Caught Up (feat. B.O.C) 6) Never Let Go 7) I Been So Over You 8) Time in a Bottle (Drifting...) 9) Dumb 10) Give It Back 11) Cold Winter Nights (feat. BoSsWRiTeR) 12) Cold Winter Nights 13) Lay With Me (One Night) - Trap Version 14) Lay With Me (One Night) [Mush Mix] 15) Music Turns Me On 16) Caught Up 17) Poetry 18) You Lied (You Cheated) 19) Outro 20) I Gave.. (A Fuck About You) 21) Cold Winter Nights - House Mix 22) Gotta Be.. (Betta Dayz) 23) I Gave.. (A F*ck About You) 24) Little Game 25) Fight! 26) Eclipse 27) Forever My Love 28) Eclipse (Outro) 29) Bong Dream 30) Eclipse (Intro) 31) Bad 32) Smoke Forever 33) Dumb - (Acapella) 34) I Can't Stop 35) Forever My Love (with BoSsWRiTeR) 36) Dear Grandma 37) Through My Life (The Past...) - Big J Mix 38) I'm Here! 39) Through My Tears (The Past) 40) who i am 41) Thank You 42) One Touch 43) Through My Life (The Past...) 44) Who I Am (Intro) 45) Don't Go Away 46) Through My Tears (The Past) - Remix 47) Who I Am (Outro) 48) Open Arms to Love Again 49) Sad and Lonely 50) Who I Am...

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