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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Morandi

The Romanian composers Marius Moga and Andrei Ropcea are joining their forces for a major dance project - Morandi. The group's name derives from the first two letters of Moga's name and Ropcea's nickname, Randi, creating Morandi. Morandi has released 3 albums. Reverse 2005 (the first album), became a really big hit with totally unique sound. The album and the project was kept secret. In Romania the first release "Love me" broke the top hits, and people were asking who was the mastermind behind this new sound.

Artist Tags For Morandi

1) Dance 2) Pop 3) Electronic 4) Romanian 5) Club

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Morandi

1) Angels 2) Save Me 3) Colors 4) Falling Asleep 5) Love Me 6) Angels (Love Is The Answer) 7) Afrika 8) Midnight Train 9) Don't Look Back 10) Colors (2009) 11) Oh My God 12) A La Lujeba 13) Into the blue 14) Sun goes down 15) Blue 16) Save me feat. Helene 17) Get High 18) The Last Tribe 19) N3xt 20) Love is tickling 21) Rock The World 22) Oh La La 23) Musica Mi Liberted 24) Crazy World 25) Reality & Dreams 26) Beijo (Uh-La-La) 27) Hidin Form the Sun 28) Running 29) By Your Side 30) Kalinka 31) Everytime We Touch 32) Summer in December 33) Amore 34) mindfields 35) Reverse 36) Hello Goodbye 37) Keep You Safe 38) Come Home 39) I Belong to You 40) Hiding from the sun 41) Can I Touch 42) So Cold 43) Beijo (Uh La La) 44) Falling Asleep (Loosing My Baby) 45) endless love 46) Africa 47) ezayem 48) Colors (Radio Edit) 49) Save Me (feat. Helene) 50) fill me up inside

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