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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Morphine

Morphine was formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States in 1990 by Mark Sandman (vocals, bass) and Dana Colley (saxophone). Jerome Dupree became the group's drummer in 1991 prior to the release of their debut album, Good. "Low Rock" is Morphine's unique combination of jazz, blues and pop/rock, sung with darkly comic and ironic lyrics. Their guitarless sound relied on an unusual combination of baritone/tenor sax, percussion and a two string slide bass.

Artist Tags For Morphine

1) Jazz 2) Alternative 3) Rock 4) Blues 5) Indie

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Morphine

1) Buena 2) Cure for Pain 3) You Look Like Rain 4) Candy 5) Thursday 6) All Wrong 7) In Spite Of Me 8) I'm Free Now 9) Dawna 10) A Head With Wings 11) Good 12) The Night 13) Let's Take a Trip Together 14) Sheila 15) The Saddest Song 16) Honey White 17) You Speak My Language 18) Have a Lucky Day 19) Miles Davis' Funeral 20) Claire 21) Whisper 22) Super Sex 23) Scratch 24) Mary Won't You Call My Name? 25) The Only One 26) Radar 27) Lisa 28) Yes 29) All Your Way 30) Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave 31) The Other Side 32) Souvenir 33) I Had My Chance 34) Empty Box 35) Early To Bed 36) Take Me With You 37) Rope On Fire 38) Sharks 39) Potion 40) So Many Ways 41) Gone for Good 42) Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer 43) Free Love 44) The Jury 45) Like Swimming 46) Like A Mirror 47) A Good Woman Is Hard To Find 48) Wishing Well 49) Slow Numbers 50) Murder For The Money

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