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Mount Eerie

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mount Eerie

Mount Eerie represents the latest evolution of Phil Elverum's musical vision. Formerly known as The Microphones, Phil changed his project's name to Mount Eerie while maintaining his subtle, lo-fi, and lyrically dense fuzz-folk aesthetic. Elverum explained this change in an 2003 interview with Discorder, asserting that "Mount Eerie is a new project. The Microphones was completed, or at least at a good stopping point. I did it because I am ready for new things. I am new."

Artist Tags For Mount Eerie

1) Lo-Fi 2) Folk 3) Seen Live 4) Indie 5) Experimental

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mount Eerie

1) Real Death 2) Through The Trees pt. 2 3) (Something) 4) Seaweed 5) Voice In Headphones 6) Ravens 7) I Hold Nothing 8) The Place Lives 9) With My Hands Out 10) The Place I Live 11) Between Two Mysteries 12) I Know No One 13) Forest Fire 14) Stop Singing 15) Who? 16) House Shape 17) Lone Bell 18) What? 19) Swims 20) No Inside, No Out 21) My Chasm 22) Over Dark Water 23) When I Take out the Garbage at Night 24) No Flashlight 25) Yawning Sky 26) Clear Moon 27) Through the Trees 28) Something Good - Radio Edit 29) Soria Moria 30) My Heart Is Not at Peace 31) Lost Wisdom 32) In The Bat's Mouth 33) Crow 34) Wind's Dark Poem 35) Emptiness, Pt. 2 36) the Moan 37) Ancient Questions 38) (synthesizer) 39) (2 Lakes) 40) Wind Speaks 41) Wooly Mammoth's Mighty Absence 42) You Swan, Go On 43) O My Heart 44) The Hidden Stone 45) the Air In The Morning 46) Summons 47) Toothbrush / Trash 48) Grave Robbers 49) (2 Mountains) 50) Tintin in Tibet

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