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New Found Glory

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For New Found Glory

New Found Glory (often abbreviated to NFG) are an American pop-punk band based in South Florida (Coral Springs). The band consists of Jordan Pundik (vocals), Chad Gilbert (guitar), Ian Grushka (bass) and Cyrus Bolooki (drums). Also known as International Superheroes Of Hardcore, to date the band have released nine and a half studio albums, their latest, Makes Me Sick, was released on April 28, 2017. The band formed under the name A New Found Glory in mid-1997 in Coral Springs, Florida, United States and currently based in California.

Artist Tags For New Found Glory

1) Pop Punk 2) Seen Live 3) Punk 4) Punk Rock 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For New Found Glory

1) My Friends Over You 2) All Downhill from Here 3) Hit or Miss 4) Kiss Me 5) Head on Collision 6) Dressed to Kill 7) Understatement 8) It's Not Your Fault 9) Hold My Hand 10) Forget My Name 11) I Don't Wanna Know 12) Sonny 13) It's Been a Summer 14) Something I Call Personality 15) Failure's Not Flattering 16) Better Off Dead 17) This Disaster 18) All About Her 19) Truth of My Youth 20) Never Give Up 21) Sincerely Me 22) The Great Houdini 23) No News Is Good News 24) Oxygen 25) Your Biggest Mistake 26) Belated 27) Singled Out 28) The Story So Far 29) Sucker 30) Boy Crazy 31) Second to Last 32) At Least I'm Known for Something 33) Coming Home 34) Doubt Full 35) Eyesore 36) Listen To Your Friends 37) On My Mind 38) Vegas 39) Over the Head, Below the Knees 40) Ending in Tragedy 41) Ballad for the Lost Romantics 42) Too Good to Be 43) Black & Blue 44) Forget Everything 45) Make Your Move 46) Taken Back by You 47) Love and Pain 48) Familiar Landscapes 49) When I Die 50) Intro

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New Found Glory