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Nhatty Man

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Nhatty Man

With a mesmerizing stage performance and a huge smile that’s always intact, Nhatty lacks anything but energy. As an upcoming talent, he managed to crack into the Ethiopian music industry working with an infamous band called “Express” which he later left to join another band called “Sweet”. Known far and wide by his fans as Nhatty Man, he became a household name after his first single “Amrogne” hit the Ethiopian market. In the early stage of his music career, Nhatty started doing featuring works with a lot of Artists.

Artist Tags For Nhatty Man

1) Ethiopia 2) Ethiopian 3) Nati Man 4) Natnael Ayalew 5) Natty Man

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Nhatty Man

1) Twek 2) Plan B 3) Fim Esat 4) #LORDERMX Homemade Dynamite (afrobeat Remix by Nhatty Man) 5) 1>100 6) Ykomal Woy 7) Tasfelgignalesh 8) Fiqir Getea Zare (feat. Hade Haile) 9) Sifeked 10) Bado 11) Yemegemeriyaye 12) Selam 13) Nefs Alkerelignim (Remix) 14) Aybeka 15) Banchi Aymtu 16) Sheb Adrgo 17) Fim Esat‏ (feat. Jacky Gosee) 18) Ghetto Youth 19) Medafish Ybarek 20) Mamesgegnaye 21) Ande Ybeltal Ke Meto 22) Salayish 23) Anchin Say 24) Emenegne 25) Yegizen Eje 26) Lebae 27) Where U @? 28) Flame & Fire 29) Amrogn 30) Let Me Go 31) Nefs Alkerelignim 32) Homemade Dynamite (Afrobeat Remix by Nhatty Man) #LordeRMX 33) Fikir Gayte (feat. Hade Haile) 34) Sherngai 35) Atansim 36) Chiferaye Wine n Go Down - Radio 37) Emenegn 38) Addis Ken 39) Nefs Alkerelignim (Remix) [feat. DJ At] 40) 1 Ybeltal Ke Meto 41) Melkae 42) መዳኛው 43) Man 44) Nefs Alkerelignim (Remix) [feat. DJ a.T] 45) Lebae (feat. Betty, Stephan) 46) Ghetto Youth (feat. Ras Kimono) 47) Chiferaye Wine n Go Down (Radio) 48) Nefs Alkerelignim (Remix) [Explicit]

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