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Nicholas Gunn

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Nicholas Gunn

Nicholas Gunn is an instrumental/ new age artist whose music can best be described as a fusion of Native American and ambient/world music. He masterfully employs the guitar, piano, and percussion and infuses his beloved flute and other wind instruments extensively in most of his songs. Beautifully rhythmic, it deeply touches the heart, mind, and soul. Longing, nostalgia, and sentimentality are triggered by Gunn's passion and respect for Native Americans and a purer and simpler way of life.

Artist Tags For Nicholas Gunn

1) New Age 2) Instrumental 3) Relaxing 4) Celtic 5) Chillout

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Nicholas Gunn

1) Earth Story 2) Entering Twin Falls 3) Tale Of Two Lovers 4) Flight Over North Rim 5) New World 6) Moonlight On Havasu Creek 7) The Sacred Fire 8) Voyage Of The Butterfly 9) Four Worlds 10) Lost Tribe 11) A Place in My Heart 12) Canyon Nights 13) Painted Desert 14) Ritual 15) Return Of The Butterfly 16) Phantom Ranch 17) Baile Para La Luna 18) Waking Hour 19) Ruby Forest 20) Forever 21) Grand Canyon 22) Crossroads 23) Indigo Skies 24) The Traveler 25) She Walks In Beauty 26) Afternoon in Sedona 27) I Still Remember 28) El Gavilan 29) South Rim 30) Surrender 31) Twilight 32) Swept Away 33) Universal Being 34) Odessa 35) Pale Moon Rising 36) Indian Summer 37) Midnight Hour 38) Oasis 39) Sedona Rising 40) Moondance 41) Soulful Eclipse 42) A New Dawn 43) Equinox 44) Endless Flight 45) From Heaven To Earth 46) Dance Of The Eagle 47) Eye Of The Vortex 48) Fading From Existence 49) Guardian Of The Flame 50) Michelle's Theme

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Nicholas Gunn

1) The Music of the Grand Canyon 2) The Sacred Fire 3) Afternoon in Sedona 4) Crossroads 5) Passion In My Heart 6) Return to Grand Canyon 7) Breathe 8) Encanto 9) A Christmas Classic 10) Season's Greetings From The Grand Canyon 11) Beyond Grand Canyon 12) (null) 13) Journey to Yellowstone 14) Twenty Years of Discovery 15) Beyond Grand Canyon: Music Of The Great Southwest National Parks 16) The Great Southwest 17) Thirty-One Nights 18) Through the Great Smoky Mountains 19) Through the Great Smoky Mountains: A Musical Journ 20) iRelax In Traffic 21) Wellness Meditation 2 22) Through The Great Smoky Mountains [a Musical Journey] 23) Under the Influence of Music: The Complete Series 24) Spirits Of Nature 3 25) Old Gold 5 ( 26) Christmas Classic 27) Return to the Grand Canyon 28) Eternity - A Romantic Collection 29) Relax Music Star Mark Compilation Vol.1 CD2 30) Sacred Journeys: The Nicholas Gunn Collection 31) undefined 32) Spring Dawn 33) Summer Melancholy 34) Saura 35) Instrumental Music. Best world's hits Vol.4-Cd1 36) The Best of the Southwest 37) Relax Music Vol.1 (CD2) 38) Gold Instrumental Collection Vol.4-CD1 39) Through the Great Smoky Mountains: a Musical Journey 40) The Music Of The ... 41) Eternity: A Romantic Collection 42) Beauty, Under the Influence of Music 43) Nature, Under the Influence of Music 44) Through The Great Smokey Mountains 45) 1000% Relax vol.1 46) Material, Under the Influence of Music 47) Meditative Musik für tiefe Entspannung 48) Music That Illuminates Your Life 49) iRelax: In Traffic 50) The National Parks Series: The Music Of The Grand Canyon

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Nicholas Gunn