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Nigel Lewis

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Nigel Lewis

Artist Name: Nigel Lewis Birth Name: Nigel Hayden Lewis Birth Place and Date: Tobago, Dec 5 1966 Official Bio When “Movin” erupted onto airwaves in 1996 and everybody was caught up in "Moving to the Left," Nigel Lewis became a household name. He has since achieved many successes and accolades including the highest musical honor in Trinidad and Tobago when he was crowned Road March King. The phenomenal tide continued the following year when Nigel’s mega hit “Follow the Leader” planted a seed that is still growing today with over 500

Artist Tags For Nigel Lewis

1) Christian 2) Caribbean 3) Soca 4) Soca Calypso 5) Jesus-Reggae

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Nigel Lewis

1) Take That and Cool It 2) Respond 3) When Jesus Say Yes 4) Itchy Feelings 5) True 6) Movin' 7) The Search (Part 1) 8) The Search (Part 2) 9) You Are My Best Friend 10) Follow The Leader 11) It's Time 12) Love Song 13) Follow De Leader 14) Adam & Eve 15) Orchids And Roses 16) What I Feel Now 17) Ffuzzbox 18) Blue Moon of Kentucky 19) Movin to de Left 20) There Must Be Something 21) Movin 22) Footsteps 23) Bomber 24) Poowah 25) Heart Of Darkness 26) I wanna be someone 27) That's My Girl 28) Blue Moon Of Kentucky (A Psychobilly Tribute To Elvis) 29) The Demon and the angel 30) Ride 31) Destination Blue 32) He Is 33) Hotel room in New Orleans 34) Sweet Pandora and me 35) Rockabilly 36) Commanding Wife 37) Urge Feat Marvin Lewis 38) Ladies & Gentlemen, Attention Please... 39) Walking on the beach 40) Jump 41) ROCKABILLY PSYCHOSIS 42) EARWIGS IN MY BRAIN 43) Blame It 44) God Above Everything 45) Slap Satan 46) Jesus Died for Me 47) Bounce 48) War Party 49) Unconditional Love 50) Greatest Day

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