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Nini Rosso

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Nini Rosso

Raffaele Celeste "Nini" Rosso (19 September 1926 — 5 October 1994) was an Italian jazz trumpeter and composer. Born in Turin, Rosso's parents had attempted to send him to university, but at 19 he chose the trumpet over academia, and left home. After his employment in a nightclub was terminated by the police, he returned home, but soon after departed again to relaunch his career. He soon became one of the best-known jazz trumpeters in Italy, reaching the crest of his popularity in the 1960s.

Artist Tags For Nini Rosso

1) Trumpet 2) Instrumental 3) Nini Rosso 4) Easy Listening 5) 70s

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Nini Rosso

1) Il Silenzio 2) La Ballata Della Tromba 3) La Canzone Di Solveig 4) Moon River 5) Wonderland By Night 6) Ballata della tromba 7) Concerto disperato 8) Un Uomo E Una Donna 9) Don'T Cry For Me Argentina 10) Petite Fleur 11) Anonimo Veneziano 12) Blue Spanish Eyes 13) Giochi Proibiti 14) Per Qualche Dollaro In Più 15) Stardust 16) Love Story 17) Vivre Pour Vivre 18) C'Era Una Volta Il West 19) Feelings 20) Borsalino 21) O sole mio 22) Mi Sono Innamorato Di Te 23) Adagio d'Albinoni 24) Non Ti Scordar Di Me 25) Deguello 26) La Canzone di Solving 27) Il Silencio 28) Soleado 29) Serenata 30) La Montanara 31) Mamy Blue 32) La Canzone Di Solveig (Grieg) 33) Evelyne 34) Clown 35) Paradise 36) Starlight Melody 37) EL Silencio 38) Arlecchinata 39) Nostalgia 40) La Canzone Di Alamo 41) Sinfonia 42) Notturno 43) Midnight Blues 44) Moonlight Serenade 45) What a Wonderful World 46) The Big Country 47) Musica Proibita 48) La playa 49) Wednesday Night 50) I Musicanti

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