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No Island

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For No Island

There are two bands called No Island: 1. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, No Island delivers a new brand of rock that blurs the lines between genres and generations. With well-crafted original songs, two contrasting lead vocalists, and a unique sound complemented by keyboards and saxophone, No Island’s approach to rock is catchy, powerful, and sophisticated all at once. 2. No Island are a hardcore band based in Glasgow. Fast, pissed off. EPs available for free download at:

Artist Tags For No Island

1) Classic Rock 2) Rock 3) Punk 4) Hardcore 5) Indie Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For No Island

1) End It 2) Fallow Years 3) Cheap Rent 4) Let Glasgow Perish 5) Some Appetite 6) Smoker's Cough 7) Old Country 8) Hardcore Burden 9) Exhumed 10) Judas 11) Lotus Eater 12) Traveller 13) To Whom It May Concern 14) Out of the Blue 15) Who's to Say? 16) I've Heard This One Before/Narcissist 17) Too Close to Home 18) Sign of the Times 19) Bad For Business 20) I've Heard This One Before / Narcissist 21) The Waiting Game 22) First to Forget 23) Angeline 24) Better Days 25) House of Cards 26) Held You Up 27) City of Strangers 28) Popcorn 29) Encore 30) My Old School 31) Goodbye Sun 32) Home Again 33) Into The Eye of the Storm 34) Josie 35) Killer Queen 36) Across the Water 37) Money 38) The Logical Song 39) Paramount 40) One Of These Nights 41) Where We Left It 42) Long Road 43) Leave It Behind 44) Second Spin 45) Buzzards 46) Reason 47) Long Road (Intro) 48) A 49) I 50) G

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