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Notis Sfakianakis

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Notis Sfakianakis

Notis Sfakianakis was born in Iraklion, Crete. From 1976 until 1984 he worked as a DJ at local clubs and disco's. In 1985 he opened up his own place that played live music, there Notis sang for the first time professionally and he also plays the drums. A little while later, in August'85 he was offered to work at a local night club and his professional career as a singer began. Notis Sfankianakis and his family moved to the island of Kos when he was seven.

Artist Tags For Notis Sfakianakis

1) Greek 2) Folk Rock 3) Notis Sfakianakis 4) Greek Rock 5) World

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Notis Sfakianakis

1) Soma Mou 2) O Aetos 3) Opa Opa 4) Poppy 5) My Body 6) My Sweet Willow 7) Little by Little 8) Genethlia 9) Gipsy Day 10) I Worry 11) Giftissa Mera 12) Paparouna 13) O Stratos 14) Danio Zois 15) JASTAR AMENGE DUR 16) Parallila 17) Navagia 18) Little Moon 19) Provlima Diko Mou 20) Pare Me 21) Ma Esi Me Kes 22) Prwth Fora 23) Opa-Opa 24) Agalmata 25) If 26) I Am Burning 27) Lullaby (The Little Song) 28) Me Ta Matia Milame 29) Please... 30) Ola Ta S' Agapo 31) Ena Gramma 32) Par'to dromo 33) Love, What a Difficult Thing 34) I Regret 35) Ki An Me Vreis 36) I Can Not Understand 37) Ipopti 38) Gyftissa Mera 39) Giftisa Mera 40) Kapse 41) Metaniwnw 42) Aman (One Glance Is Enough) 43) Thelo Na Se Xanado 44) Den Tha Pas Pouthena 45) Krivome 46) Perna Ki Esi 47) Ma Ego Eimai Ellinas 48) Trelenome 49) Parta 50) Dose ena telos

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