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Nurse With Wound

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Nurse With Wound

Nurse With Wound is a London, UK based music band, formed in 1978 by Steven Stapleton, John Fothergill and Heeman Pathak. Their early recordings, all made quickly, were heavily influenced by free jazz and krautrock and were generally considered industrial music, despite the objections of the group. By 1981, only Stapleton was left from the original trio and he now regards 1982's "Homotopy To Marie", as being the first proper Nurse With Wound release. There are now over 30 full length NWW titles.

Artist Tags For Nurse With Wound

1) Experimental 2) Industrial 3) Noise 4) Avant-Garde 5) Dark Ambient

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Nurse With Wound

1) Tune Time Machine 2) Yagga Blues 3) The Self Sufficient Sexual Shoe 4) Homotopy To Marie 5) Two Mock Projections 6) Astral Dustbin Dirge 7) Approaching Darkness Fish 8) Landed At Granma's 9) Monument To Perez Prado 10) Darkness Fish 11) I Cannot Feel You as the Dogs Are Laughing and I Am Blind 12) Space Funk With Springs 13) The Six Buttons of Sex Appeal 14) Willy The Weeper 15) Two Golden Microphones 16) Ketamineaphonia 17) Easy Snapping 18) Home Is Where the Heart Is 19) Livin' Fear Of James Last 20) Groove Grease (Hot Catz) 21) Funeral Music For Perez Prado 22) Woollen Numbness Of Anaesthesia 23) Swansong 24) Pleasant Banjo Intro with Irritating Squeak 25) Blank Capsules of Embroidered Cellophane 26) The Tumultuous Upsurge (Of Lasting Hatred) 27) Spiral Theme 28) It's All Gone Weird 29) Two Shaves and a Shine 30) Man is the Animal 31) Swamp Rat 32) A Precise History of Industrial Music 33) Salt Marie Celeste 34) Black Teeth 35) I Am the Poison 36) I'm a Frayed Knot 37) Sinan Sings for Her Chums 38) Untitled 39) Nasal Hair 40) Rock 'n Roll Station 41) The Funktion Of The Hairy Egg 42) This Piano Can't Think 43) A Silhouette and a Thumbtack (Dance in Hyperspace) 44) Spiral Insana 1 45) Dogs Breath Rising 46) Wash The Dust From My Heart 47) Rockette Morton Part One 48) Scissor Rock Bicycle Revelation 49) Crack Up 50) Raymonde Cries a River

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Nurse With Wound

1) Who Can I Turn To Stereo 2) Homotopy to Marie 3) Rock'n Roll Station 4) Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella 5) Large Ladies With Cake in the Oven 6) A Sucked Orange 7) Soliloquy for Lilith 8) An Awkward Pause 9) Huffin’ Rag Blues 10) Second Pirate Session 11) Spiral Insana 12) Alas the Madonna Does Not Function 13) Salt Marie Celeste 14) Thunder Perfect Mind 15) Sugar Fish Drink (A layman's guide to Cod Surrealism) 16) Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains 17) Huffin' Rag Blues 18) (null) 19) She and Me Fall Together in Free Death 20) Merzbild Schwet 21) Sleepwalk 22) The Swinging Reflective 23) Soliloquy For Lillith (Six Songs For Lilith) 24) She and Me Fall Together in Free Death (Silk Bag edition) 25) Sleepwalk: A Selection By Optimo (Espacio) 26) Sugar Fish Drink 27) Insect and individual silenced 28) Revenge Of The Selfish Shellfish 29) Alice The Goon 30) Live at Bar Maldoror 31) To the Quiet Men From a Tiny Girl 32) Funeral Music for Perez Prado 33) Foxtrot 34) Man With The Woman Face 35) Acts of senseless Beauty 36) Livin' Fear of James Last 37) The Musty Odour of Pierced Rectums 38) The Surveillance Lounge 39) A Missing Sense 40) Erroneous: A Selection of Errors 41) The Sylvie and Babs Hi-Fi Companion 42) Dark Fat 43) Crocodile Krazy Glue 44) Gyllensköld, Geijerstam and I at Rydberg's 45) Chance Meeting (Reissue / Special Edition) 46) MI-MORT 47) Space Music 48) Crumb Duck 49) Nature Unveiled 50) Brained by Falling Masonry

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