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Odd Mob

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Odd Mob

Forged from the Brisbane clubbing scene, Robbie Jacobs and Harry Hope make up the Australian DJ/Producer duo Odd Mob. These two young talented artists joined forces to create one of Australia’s freshest genre defying acts of the electronic dance scene. Having being featured on Diplo & Friends and DJ Mag in their first year together it shows that there are no limits for what’s to come for this dynamic pair. Central Station Records’ discovery

Artist Tags For Odd Mob

1) Electronic 2) Electro 3) Dance 4) Australian 5) House

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Odd Mob

1) Is It a Banger? 2) Intrinsic 3) Lithium 4) All Of Your Heart 5) No Pressure 6) Down for Love (feat. Helen) - Radio Edit 7) Feel So Good 8) Into You 9) Slumber 10) This Game 11) This Game (feat. Bertie Blackman) - PLS&TY Remix 12) This Game (feat. Bertie Blackman) (PLS&TY Remix) 13) Slumber (feat. Kite) 14) Gassed Up 15) Into You (feat. Starley) - Radio Edit 16) No Pressure - Jordan Burns Remix 17) Into You - Odd Mob VIP 18) Into You (feat. Starley) - Extended 19) This Game (feat. Bertie Blackman) [Radio Edit] 20) Jungla 21) Marshmellow 22) Into You - Extended 23) No One Like Me 24) Feel So Good - Jordan Magro Remix 25) All Of Your Heart - Wh0's Night Remix 26) Gassed Up - Stace Cadet Remix 27) This Game (feat. Bertie Blackman) 28) Is It A Banger? (Original Mix) 29) Gassed Up - VIP Mix 30) This Game - Extended 31) Down for Love (feat. Helen) - Chillii Remix 32) Into You (feat. Starley) 33) Into You (feat. Starley) - Odd Mob VIP 34) Down For Love 35) Bad Moon 36) Belter (feat. Biggs) 37) Into You - POOLCLVB Remix 38) Feel so Good - Ben Morris & Super Mini Remix 39) Feel So Good - Ben Morris & Supermini Remix 40) The Tribe 41) Is It A Banger 42) All Of Your Heart - Jordan Magro Remix 43) No One Like Me - VIP 44) All Of Your Heart (Wh0's Night Remix) 45) Feel So Good (Jordan Magro Remix) 46) Down for Love (feat. Helen) - Dexcell Remix 47) The Game (feat. Bertie Blackman) 48) Belter 49) Down For Love {Ft. Helen} 50) Down for Love - Radio Edit

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