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Oliver Shanti & Friends

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Oliver Shanti & Friends

Oliver Shanti (Born Ulrich Schulz 16 November 1948 in Hamburg), later known as Oliver Serano-Alve, is a New Age musician. His group "Oliver Shanti & Friends" has recorded several CD's, including "Circles Of Life" - The Best Of Oliver Shanti (1997), "Tai Chi", "Seven Times Seven, "Alhambra", "Listening To The Heart", "Medicine Power", and "Rainbow Way" Two tracks by Oliver Shanti & Friends were featured in the Buddha Bar compilations: "Onion Mweng

Artist Tags For Oliver Shanti & Friends

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) Ethnic 4) World 5) Chillout

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Oliver Shanti & Friends

1) Sacral Nirvana 2) Journey To Shambala 3) Well Balanced 4) Spring in Lhasa 5) Liu Garden of Suzhou 6) Amitabha 7) Legend of a White Stupa 8) Huanqiutan Garden 9) Wilderness 10) Tichinabet 2222 11) A Ballad to Chuang Tzu 12) Macao Kyoto 13) Tang Xingqing Park 14) Rhythm of Tao Te Ching 15) Tara Shakti Mantra 16) Indian Ceremony 17) Boddhisattva Land 18) Tara Mantra 19) Shaman 20) Allah Akbar 21) Sacral Nirvana (radio Edit) 22) Fight Without Fear 23) An Ti Dog MA Ti Sm 24) Sacral Nirvana (Long version) 25) Tai Chi Ch'uan Way and Meditation 26) Nuur El Ab 27) Rinpoches of Ladakh 28) Autumn in Beijing 29) Gathering In Tara's Tea House 30) Heya Heya 31) Water - Four Circles Of Life 32) Onon Mweng (Rainbird) 33) Chenresie, Flame of Peace and Compassion 34) Tales From the Heart of Chuang Tzu 35) Hundredandeight 36) Four Circles of life 37) Chief White Bears Trance Dance 38) Donovan My Timeless Cosmic Friend 39) We Could Have Been Brothers 40) Onion Mweng Rainbird 41) Wise 42) M-Fie Nti One Biaa 43) Half Moon Gathering in Beihai Park 44) Olugu Zamba 45) Tai Chi Ch'uan Way And Meditat 46) Anden Dance of Joy 47) Radha Raman 48) Waves of Symphony 49) Sangha Way of Life 50) Santo Cristo del Angeli

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